Hulu’s Plans For The Great Season 3 | Cancellation Or Extension?


After Season 2 debuts today on Hulu, what can you expect? The GREAT season 3 is going to happen? Or are we already at the end of the road for this historical comedy?

Before we dive any deeper, we need to go ahead and make one thing abundantly clear: we want SO much more of this particular world. It’s hard for us not to! The GREAT is one of the few shows that combines fantastic costumes, historical figures and real jokes with a consistent cast. It’s daring, sometimes over-the-top and thoroughly enjoyable from head to toe. Given that Season 2 has added Gillian Anderson to the mix, there’s no reason to feel anything but overjoyed at this point.

The Great Season 3

Unfortunately, at this point we haven’t heard anything about whether or not we’ll be back for more. Hulu has yet to announce a decision, but we have a pretty clear stance on this. As long as those in power want there to be more, we have a good feeling that there will be more. We don’t see any reason for this show to end up being cancelled; it has a great cast, good publicity around it and it stands out from the pack. It’s also coming out at an absolutely fantastic time – Season 2 won’t face as much competition from a lot of other shows out there, mainly because it will be available at a time when people are getting free for Thanksgiving. This is a perfect window for many great streaming shows.

Usually, services like Hulu and Netflix wait about a month before giving the green light for more episodes; they calculate the total number of viewers, and then also how many people are watching the final in particular. This gives them a better idea of ​​long-term demand.

Do you want to see The GREAT season 3 happening on Hulu?

Be sure to share it now in the attached comments! Once you’ve done that, stay tuned – there are other updates to come and of course we don’t want you to miss them.


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