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In a world full of the latest concepts, the Pinoy entertainment industry is also trying to grip the audience. As you all know that in today’s modern age, everything is being loved by people because everyone has their wish or better say taste to watch something relevant to their desire and keeping this in mind, the Vivamax has been dropping better from one another movies and web shows and this time the platform has brought a romantic crime movie named “Hugas.”

Hugas car scene

Before heading towards the movie or show, the most searched thing is the Hugas Car scene, where the lead cast of the show seems to become closer to each other. The scene got viral recently, and as you all know, things get viral like a fire in the forest in the digital world. So the main thing that people are searching for is Hugas Leaked Car Scene. However, there is nothing like searching about the video in the video because it is just a car kissing scene, but reports are claiming that it is an explicit car scene that will give you goosebumps or force you to watch it alone. Now talking about the movie will be so unique, and it will remind you of some other romantic crime movies that have successfully created a buzz on the streaming sites.

Hugas Star Cast

  • AJ Raval
  • Sean De Guzman
  • Jay Manalo
  • Cara Gonzales
  • Joko Diaz

However, other faces will make it more interesting to watch without blinking an eye because the story is just a mind-blowing thing to lock your eyes to the screen. Well, if you are searching about the complete cast of Hugas, then we would love to let you know the main thing that in Hugas there are around 20 faces and everyone has a separate role and also a fan base because everyone is one of the well-known faces of the Pinoy entertainment industry.

So, when it comes to talking about the movie, as per the trailer of Hugas saying this won’t be wrong, it seems to get viral and can become one of the most loved movies of the language that people across the globe probably watch. So, don’t forget to watch the show and stay tuned to get all the latest updates on entertainment.


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