How Would Chicago Fire Look Without Jesse Spencer In It?


Next week’s Chicago Fire season 10 episode 6 is obviously going to feel strange from the jump. It’s hard for it not to be! This is the first one without Jesse Spencer in the cast, and that means in turn a delicate balancing act of both remembering him and also pushing the story forward a little bit.

So what is the primary focus of the next new episode? Based on the promo below, “Dead Zone” will offer up a very different sort of challenge for Firehouse 51. After there is a disruption in the 9-1-1 call center for the city of Chicago, Firehouse 51 finds themselves in a position where they have to become dispatch.

That means answering emergency calls while, simultaneously, having to do rescues. They are going to be physically and emotionally exhausted more than ever before and there’s a LOT that they will need to balance out.

How Would Chicago Fire Look Without Jesse Spencer In It?

Of course, we do think the absence of Casey will loom large given that he was such a leader around the firehouse. He’s someone who clearly loved what he did there and he had the respect of the whole crew. There are other established leaders and that will certainly help things; yet, we do still anticipate that there are going to be some growing pains. That much feels inevitable.

If you are sad that Spencer is no longer a part of the show, trust us when we say that we more than understand. We’re right there with you! Just remember that he’s basically been working on series television full-time for eighteen years and at a certain point, you decide you need a break in this line of work. He still lives in Chicago; not only that, but he also seems open to the idea of coming back someday. It doesn’t seem like he’s got any ill will towards anyone in the cast and crew and with that, we’re optimistic we’ll eventually see him return in some form.

What do you want to see on Chicago Fire season 10 episode 6?

How weird do you think it will be watching the show without Jesse Spencer in it? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, stick around — there are more updates on the way and of course, you don’t want to miss them.


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