How To With John Wilson Season 2: Has It Been Renewed? Release Date, Plot & Cast Details


A comedy television series titled How To with John Wilson was created by filmmaker John Wilson. Executive producers for HBO were Nathan Fielder, Michael Koman, and Clark Reinking. On December 9, 2020, the series premiered. The ‘How to win with John Wilson’ did so flourishingly well that viewers are unable to wait for its second season. 

How to with John Wilson renewed for season 2?

How To With John Wilson Season 2

It was announced on December 9, 2020, that HBO would be renewing the series for a second season. Since viewers are unable to keep up their wait, all the fans are insanely excited to watch season 2 of ‘How to Win with John Wilson’.

How to with John Wilson Season 2 release date

Taking a man-with-a-camera approach to the city’s streets, Wilson hosts and produces HBO’s upcoming series, “How to With John Wilson.” While rambling around and talking constantly in his voice, Wilson allows his mind to wander in unpredictable ways. The series is all set to be released on 26 November, Friday. 

How will John Wilson’s second season of How to win with John Wilson unfold?

Wilson wanders around and addresses the audience in amiable voiceovers, finding odd juxtapositions and following meandering streams of consciousness. A simple and pragmatic question begins each episode – how do you safely dispose of batteries, for example? As a result, it transcends and transforms the question into something much more profound. 

Total episodes in Season 2

The production team has released the info about the episodes in the ‘How to win with John Wilson Season 2. The show will be broadcast with a total of 6 episodes. All the info & release date of all episodes is listed below: 

Number of Episode Name of Episode Release date
1 “How to invest in Real Estate” November 26, 2021
2 “How to appreciate Wine” December  3, 2021
3 “How to find a spot” December 10, 2021
4 “How to throw out your batteries”  December 17, 2021
5 “How to remember your dream” December 24, 2021
6 “How to be Spontaneous” December 31, 2021

While he is dealing with his own issues, John Wilson attempts to offer advice. The 25-minute episodes, filmed primarily on the streets of New York City, cover topics ranging from small talk to scaffolding. Each episode initially focuses on the title topic, but as Wilson investigates, he meets people and initiates conversations that take him down unexpected paths.


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