How to Watch the ‘Minecraft’ movie in the UK, USA & Australia?


The ‘Minecraft’ movie based on the behemoth of a video game, was supposed to release today, on March 4, 2022. However, the release date of the movie had to face delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The announcement for the movie’s release came back in 2019. However, the pandemic arrived way before the movie could, pushing the release date to a TBA slot. Other big IPs from Warner Bros. were also among the projects that Covid-19 delayed.

However, while the rest of those projects are all set to hit theaters very soon, the same can’t be said about the untitled Minecraft movie. The fans of the popular game are still holding out for the movie adaptation though. Let’s delve into all that we know about the Minecraft movie and its release date and mediums. Tread carefully, spoilers may lie ahead!

How to Watch the ‘Minecraft’ movie in the UK, USA & Australia?

Minecraft video game. Image credits: Mojang

Plot and Cast Details

As of now, all the information about the film’s plot comes from an official synopsis. It reads, “the story of a teenage girl and her unlikely group of adventurers. After the malevolent Ender Dragon sets out on a path of destruction, they must save their beautiful, blocky Overworld.” We don’t have any more information about what the film will detail than that. Let’s delve into all cast members who are set to star in the movie. According to several online reports, Steve Carrell was in talks to star in the film.

However, during some time in 2019, the actor had to withdraw from the project due to scheduling conflicts. Another major name to withdraw from the project is director Shawn Levy, who was rumored to helm the movie. As things stand now, director Peter Sollett (Raising Victor Vargas) is set to direct the film. Not much else is currently available on the rest of the cast or crew just yet. However, Google does suggest some really out there names when you search for the cast of the movie-to-be.

Where to Watch the Minecraft Movie Online?

As of yet, there exists no official announcement or word from Warner Bros. or Mojang regarding the release date of the movie, much less the platform it will be releasing on. If we had to venture a guess, the movie, should and when it releases, will follow the same release pattern as other Warner Bros. movies. We can expect to see the film hit the theaters and HBO Max simultaneously. Many of the recent major IPs from the studio have been a part of the same distribution system. However, even if it were to hit the two mediums at different times, it will inevitably hit HBO Max at some point.

Steve Carrell in Minecraft
Steve Carrell withdrew from the project in 2019

How to Watch the Minecraft Movie in the USA?

Although the movie doesn’t seem to have a release window yet, we can expect it to get a theatrical release. There’s plenty of anticipation for the movie so a big theatrical release makes sense. However, the movie will also hit online streaming platforms at some point. HBO Max is the likeliest contender for the streaming rights of the movie in the USA. So you can watch ‘Minecraft: The Movie’ online on HBO Max either right on the day of its release or some time after it hits theatres.

How to Watch it in the UK?

Should the movie ever get a release window, the UK audience can expect to watch the movie in theaters as well. However, the online platform for the country will not be HBO Max. Assuming the movie releases before 2024, the UK audience won’t be able to watch it on HBO Max. That’s because the streaming service is not available in the UK. All of the Warner Bros. offerings are available to watch in the UK via Sky. So whenever the movie makes its debut in the UK, you can expect to eventually drop on one of Sky’s online streaming platforms.

How to Watch it in Australia?

Australian viewers will most likely get to watch the movie along with the rest of the world at the same time. Apart from the theatrical release, the online alternative to watch the film will not be HBO Max. Like in the UK, HBO Max is not currently available in Australia either. Most of the streamer’s exclusive offerings are available to watch in the country via Binge or Foxtel Now. So those two can be your go-to streaming services to watch the movie when it officially premiers online in Australia.


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