How to Watch ‘Peacemaker’ Online Free: Where to Stream HBO Max


John Cena Is Back!!! Here are free options for downloading or watching Peacemaker online on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch the anticipated John Cena’s Suicide Squad Spinoff TV Series at home. Is Peacemaker available to stream? YES, Details on how you can manage Peacemaker for free throughout the year are described below.

Peacemaker is a new series as part of the ongoing DC cinematic universe. The show stars John Cena as the titular character. We saw him back in 2021’s Suicide Squad, although he was more of a villain than a hero in it.

Watch Here: Peacemaker Online Free

However, the character became an instant fan favorite with his menacing yet hilarious scenes. And now we even have a show all about this lover of peace. So you are probably raring to know where to watch this series online? Well, then you have stumbled in the right place.

peacemaker online free

Peacemaker on HBO Max: Release Date, Run Time, Episodes

Peacemaker makes its debut on Thursday, January 13, and you’ll be able to stream the first three episodes exclusively on HBO Max. After its premiere, a new episode will be released every week on Thursdays till the series finale on February 17.

peacemaker online free

Where To Watch Peacemaker Online?

The show is being released exclusively on HBO Max. The first episode of the series is set to come out on Thursday, January 1,3, 2022. Meanwhile, the rest of the episodes of this season will come out on a weekly schedule. So you can expect episode 2 to drop on January 2,0, 2022. You can check it out by heading over to this page.

Can I Watch Peacemaker For Free On HBO Max?

Although HBO Max itself doesn’t provide a free 30-day trial to new users, there are workarounds to watch your favorite HBO Max movies/shows for free.

All you need to do is opt-in for a 30-day trial with Hulu. Once you have received your free one-month subscription, you can watch all the HBO Max content with your Hulu account. But be warned: it will cost you $14.99/month if you want to extend your subscription.

Before moving forward, if you are looking for the best legal websites to watch movies for free, you can check out our guide. Usually, you will find the top shows across the globe on these websites.

peacemaker online free

How to Watch Peacemaker Online

Peacemaker is set to release exclusively on HBO Max, which means the only way to watch Peacemaker online is to get an HBO Max subscription, which will give you access to not only every Peacemaker episode as it releases, but also let you binge other DC Comics content like The Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and more.

How to Watch Peacemaker Free Online

HBO Max does not offer free trials like some other streaming services. That said, AT&T customers can get HBO Max free, which means you’ll watch Peacemaker free with a specific phone, cable, and Internet plan. 

If you’re already an AT&T customer, click here to see if your current plan qualifies for this perk. If you’re a new customer, you can get AT&T starting at $50 with HBO Max included.

peacemaker online free

Watch Peacemaker With Hulu’s HBO Max Free Trial

While HBO Max doesn’t have a free trial, customers can still watch Peacemaker online for free with Hulu’s HBO Max free trial. The service allows users to try both Hulu and HBO Max for free for seven days, which is enough time to watch Peacemaker online for free before subscribing. 

Just be sure to set a reminder to cancel your subscription before you’re charged. After the trial ends, the service will cost $14.99 to add HBO Max to your Hulu account.

Watch Peacemaker With AT&T’s Free HBO Max Subscription

If you’re an AT&T customer (or know someone who is), you may be eligible for a free HBO Max subscription to watch Peacemaker online for free. The first step is to check if your AT&T plans include a free HBO Max subscription. 

Eligible plans include AT&T Unlimited Elite, AT&T Unlimited Plus, AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced, AT&T Unlimited Choice, AT&T Unlimited Choice II, AT&T Unlimited Choice Enhanced, and AT&T Unlimited & More Premium. 

If you have one of these plans, you’re eligible for a complimentary HBO Max account. There are FAQs with instructions on how to claim your free HBO Max subscription here and here.

How to Watch Peacemaker on TV

If you want to watch Peacemaker on TV, you’ll be able to find the show on HBO (available through most premium cable packages like this one from Verizon Fios).

Peacemaker will air its first episode on January 15 at 10:15 p.m. ET on HBO East and January 16 at 1:15 a.m. ET on HBO West.

peacemaker online free

What Is Peacemaker About?

The show is a spin-off of last year’s Suicide Squad by James Gunn. Also, James is returning for the show as well. Another returning member is John Cena as the titular character. Back in the movie, he was a proper villain that we loved to hate, but in this new series, things have changed.

While he is still the peace-loving murderer, the show makes him vulnerable and even likable. The show is just as trashy and action-filled as the film if that’s what you’re looking for. But there is also some decent character drama in there.

That’s it for this article. Are you going to be watching this wacky spin-off? Let us know your views in the comments section below.


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