How to watch “86 Eighty-Six” Season 2, Episode 4 online



  • Shin and his friends prepare to fight Legions
  • The episode will be streamed on Crunchyroll
  • “86 Eighty-Six” Season 2 Episode 4 (Episode 15) airs Saturday

After graduating from special training school, Shin and his friends are ready for battle. In “86 Eighty-Six” Season 2 Episode 4 (Episode 15), Shin and his team set out to rescue several units, but a greater threat awaits them.

The official short content from “86 Eighty-Six” Season 2, Episode 4 suggests that a huge unit of Legions will soon attack them. Shin, aware of the arrival of Legions, plans to increase the number of troops to counter the attack.

In Episode 3 of “86 Eighty-Six” Season 2, Shin, Eugene, and the other cadets trained at the Special Officers’ School Tactical Practice Grounds.

During one of the sessions, Shin proved that he was better than other novice cadets who trained at school. One such cadet, named Marcel, tried to create a rift between Shin and his partner Eugene.

Marcel told Eugene that he has a bad feeling about Shin because he is a reaper.

Meanwhile, Grethe took Shin, Raiden, Theoto, Kurena and the others on a journey. She explained how the Federation took control of the area from the Legions.

Later she showed them a war memorial with the names of all the fallen comrades and some of them were colleagues of Shin. They were overwhelmed and thanked Grethe for the concern.


Grethe revealed that Shin and his friends had completed their training and were now part of Giad Federacy’s army. She added that they will work in the Nordlicht squadron, which was under her command.

Frederica gave Shin his old pet named Fido. Shin and the others were surprised to see a Republic tech in Giad. Frederica explained that when they found Fido, the core was intact and it was Grethe who rebuilt it.

The cast of “86 Eighty-Six” anime includes Ikumi Hasegawa as Vladilena Milizé, Shoya Chiba as Shinei Nōzen, Yuya Uchida as Ernst Zimmerman, Seiichirō Yamashita as Raiden Shuga, Sayumi Suzushiro as Kurena Kukumila, Saori Hayami as Anju Emma,​ ​Natsumi Theoto Rikka, Misaki Kuno as Frederica Rosenfort, Kana Ueda as Grethe Wenzel, Atsushi Tamaru as Eugene Rantz, Itaru Yamamoto as Brent Bernholdt, Kengo Takanashi as Erwin Marcel and Asuna Tomari as Shiden Iida.

Fans can watch “86 Eighty-Six” Season 2 Episode 4 (Episode 15) online this Saturday on Crunchyroll. The episode will be streamed live in Japanese with English subtitles.

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