How to Survive in ARK: Survival Evolved – Tips and Tricks to Avoid Getting Killed

As one might have gathered from the name Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival game that is designed to test one their limits. And push them to their limit it does. It is a fun, exciting survival game with which one can have fun and generally have a less stressful time, unlike some other games out there. Also, there are dinosaurs in the game, which certainly gives it a unique twist compared to the same old survival games currently present in the market.

But while this game is certainly fun, you should not assume it to be easy for beginners to grasp. Some useful tips and tricks can help you avoid getting killed and you can visit here for more hacks. Staying alive in this game can be a strenuous task, but you can significantly improve your chances by following the below-listed tips and tricks by pro players.

How to Survive in ARK: Survival Evolved – Tips and Tricks to Avoid Getting Killed

Gain experience quickly

Now any player of the game would inform you that this is not an easy task, especially at the beginning of the round. However, a trick you can employ which will certainly help you out – create small, easily accessible objects in large quantities. By creating a large number of pickaxes and stone axes, you can easily farm out those crucial experience points that can help you survive early in the game.

Be careful while hunting.

Naturally, to survive in a game like Ark: Survival Evolved, you would have to hunt native creatures, but your choices at the beginning of the game are very limited. Sure, you could try your luck with any creature you set your eyes on, but your chances of survival are minimal at best. You would be wise to stick to Dodo and Coelacanti and forget about anything else for the moment.

Get familiar with the map.

Since you are stranded on an unfamiliar island, it is a brilliant idea to get familiar with the location as soon as possible. No, this isn’t a piece of advice that is unique to this game. However, it will surely play a crucial role in helping one survive for an extended period. If you have spent some time learning the game map, you will undoubtedly perform better than your peers. So do not overthink and learn the intricacies of the map immediately. It could take some time for the results to come your way, but you can certainly see improvement from your next game.

Stock up on supplies

Now, this is a bit of advice that shouldn’t come as a surprise to any player of survival games. Naturally, the game is challenging in itself, and one wouldn’t want to run out of supplies just at a critical moment. The native creatures and the environment are not the only main enemies that you have to deal with in the game. Your hunger could kill you as fast as any enemy. So, it is extremely important that you stock up on your supplies.

Build a better base than just a shelter made out of straw

No one is arguing in favor of a 70-foot-high mansion that will dwarf everything in sight. But that does not mean a player cannot invest in building a quality shelter for their character. A shelter made out of straws would simply not do. Not only would it not provide any kind of protection, but it could also hinder your escape. No, you need to invest in wooden and metal structures that would take longer to demolish. Yes, they might take some time and extra effort, but the result would be worthwhile.

Join a tribe

There is strength in numbers; you better believe in it if you want to survive this game. In this game, you would have the option to form or join a tribe so that you can be surrounded by allies that will assist you. Now, this could be a massive help to you if you are a beginner in the game, as it would discourage other players to not attacking your position.

But there are also other benefits of being part of a tribe as well. Every member of the tribe gets an attack and supply advantage. Regardless of how small, they can undoubtedly assist a player who is at the very beginning of the gameplay. You would be required to build a wardrobe that would house both your and your tribe’s precious items.

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