How to select the best international flower delivery service


Nowadays, people all over the world are sending flowers to their friends, relatives globally. Festivals like Valentine’s Day are being celebrated all over the world. There are many people, who send their favorite flowers like roses, tulips, to different countries like the USA on various occasions like Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc.

Besides all these festivals, a lot of flowers are being sent to their relatives, friends all over the world, by people worldwide. Especially, in the trying times of COVID and other diseases, people are only ordering flowers globally. But there are plenty of issues, in how to choose the best international flower delivery service since there are hundreds of companies present all over the market. These tips will assist you a lot in selecting the best international flower delivery service, to have a smooth journey.

1)  Reviews and reputation

This is the first major criterion for selecting the best flower delivery service. If you say living in the USA and desire to order flowers from China, then you must very carefully check the reviews of the company in China. You should look up renowned websites and check their reviews. Check the star ratings. In the majority of the cases, the star rating should be at least four out of five. The firm must provide all kinds of delivery options like 24 hrs delivery, one-week delivery, etc, along with air and train facilities. All good international flower delivery service must have a facility of cancellations and it should have very optimum delivery costs. This is extremely crucial, if you are ordering from very distant countries, so high delivery costs can be extremely detrimental to your limited budget.

2)  You must interact with the customer care service.

For international customers, you must interact with the customer care service. Interact with the customer care personally by chat and phone and always check their knowledge about the subject by asking questions. You must also ensure that they do delivery to remote locations without charging too much for the delivery and without any delays. 

3)  There should be no concealed fees.

All top-class firms do not have any concealed fees. While placing the order, please check the terms and conditions carefully, so that there are no hidden fees. If you find that there are any extra charges, then you must immediately investigate the causes. There should be complete transparency in the transaction. Since it is an international transaction, so the company must have an option of delivering to an alternative address which you refer, as a backup.

4)  The freshness of the product.

The flowers must be extremely fresh since it is an international delivery. The preservation and packaging should be done properly since it is a perishable product. Always cross-check two or three times, with the firm regarding the flowers, and they should be as fresh as possible. 

5) The delivery season must be evaluated very carefully. 

Since, you are ordering flowers, which is highly dependent on the season, then you must do the proper choice of the products. For example, if you are ordering roses from India, it is available mainly in winter. Alternatively, marigold flowers are available in summers. So, the flower delivery company must have a proper list of products, which must deliver flowers as per the season. So, you will be assured of the quality and prevent you from getting stale flowers.

6)  Very prompt confirmation and tracking.

World-class firms have a very prompt confirmation and tracking of their consignment. Customers should be able to acquire minute and minute updates about the consignment by SMS and email.


From this article, readers will acquire knowledge regarding how to select the best international flower delivery service. 

Author Bio: Rehan Sardar is an enthusiastic blogger and marketing manager. He maintains a keen interest in progress and website development in the marketing and business space.


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