How to Select the Best CBD Oil for Pets


A popular trend has been surfacing in the animal kingdom, CBD oil products are becoming increasingly popular amongst pet owners all over the world. Apart from its numerous medicinal properties and benefits, it also comes in a variety of delicious edible forms which dogs and cats love. 

To get their hands on these highly sought-after products, many people are relying on online shopping to fulfill their purchases. We are currently living in a world of online scammers and fraudsters. If you are looking to purchase any CBD products for your pets and want to ensure that the product is of high-quality and safe to use, you should consider a few determining factors before checking out your cart online. 


With the online world becoming dodgier by the day, it’s hard to find trustworthy websites. It’s therefore important that you do some digging before purchasing. Do a quick online search to find out whether the company is legitimate or not. If their website has only been created within the past few months, then you might want to look into that. 

Make sure that the company’s website answers all your questions and have some kind of ‘contact us’ and ‘about us’ page. It’s important that customers feel supported and therefore they should be able to provide them with online support. For an example of a credible online dispensary, you can check out this website that is a great specimen of a trustworthy online shop. 

Some companies even offer their clients a 30-day money back guarantee if they are not happy with the product. This shows that the company feels confident in their product. 

Furthermore, you can check real online reviews from past clients. If the majority is negative and if they showcase constant complaining, then you should reconsider using that company. 

If the company does have a few complaints, it’s a great indicator of their experience and professionalism how they handle negative feedback. Do your research before deciding on a company to order from. 


The quality of the product is usually dependable on the way it was created. Where was the marijuana or hemp grown? Locally or is it sourced from a foreign land? Many pet owners are opting for dispensaries who grow, farm, and cultivate locally. There’s a sense of trust when Americans know that the product is made on local soil. 

There are many types of extraction methods used to separate THC and CBD from one another. Also, to remove all medicinal compounds and cannabinoids from the plant matter. Some methods are much cheaper than others, and because they use cheaper equipment and solvent, they can leave harmful residue in the extracted oil. 

High quality manufacturers will always use CO2 extraction methods, as this ensures the safest method to extract CBD from raw plant matter. It also removes any parabens and other toxic materials. 

Learn more about other extraction methods here:


For CBD products to be legally sold they should contain no more than 0.3% THC. THC is the compound that produces the psychoactive effect in a user, more commonly known as the ‘high’ effect. THC is very harmful to pets and it’s therefore extremely important that you check the product in question’s THC content. 

Veterinarians will recommend 0-0.001% THC content and many manufacturers are able to provide this quantity. Especially for products that are made from hemp. 


Credible dispensaries will have a COA (Certificate of Analysis) freely available for customers to assess. This certificate is either uploaded onto the company’s website or can be requested directly from customer support. The certificate is a report that documents third-party testing from a laboratory or credible testing facility. 

It basically states that the product’s ingredients and specifications are listed correctly. The report and certification will also look at the product’s concentration, THC content, components, and other ingredients. 

Be wary of companies who don’t have a COA or whose COA is ‘in progress’. 


Since CBD oil products haven’t been FDA approved it isn’t legal for a company to claim that cannabidiol treats or cures certain medical conditions. Research is still ongoing, and the product have only been used to help pets cope with certain symptoms caused by medical conditions. 

Many owners have testified that the product has been extremely helpful for pet anxiety, arthritis, pain, and seizures. Unfortunately, there isn’t any legal proof that the product can do what it claims. 

Companies should not make these unverified claims and if you come across a company like this, you should think twice before buying. 


Something that most pet owners might want to consider is the product variety offered by the manufacturer. Even though CBD oil bottles are among the most popular to purchase, there are many different options to choose from. Ranging from delicious doggy treats to cat edibles, you can buy a variety of products from one credible dispensary to assess your pet’s response. 

Other products can include capsules, creams, and lotions, even doggy shampoos. Always stick within the daily dosage recommendations. 

To ensure your pet’s safety you should never compromise quality over price. High quality full spectrum CBD products can be a bit more expensive, but chances are your pet will experience the benefits of the product much faster and more effective than buying from a low-quality provider. 


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