How to Recycle Like a Pro: a Guide for Young Couples


Long gone the days when you were browsing through some online dating sites in search of foreign or hot gamer girls. Now you need to make your relationship work. No longer you are trying to show each other how great you are, as there is no longer “me” and “you,” there is only “us.” Now, you need to find things that unite you, and they may concern not only something fun but include home chores. Well, there is one thing you can do for both your relationship and for the environment as well. You should try recycling. Aside from helping save the planet from pollution, you may learn that recycling is a lot of fun, and that things that you throw out can actually serve a purpose. So, we offer to learn the three effective and surprising recycling tips for young couples without any further ado.

  1. Separate Recyclable Items

While it is easy at first glance, a lot of people fail to keep the recyclable items separately from non-recyclable ones. Yes, you need to keep food leftovers separately from polythene papers. Also, while bones may belong to food leftovers, you should keep them separately, as they should be disposed of differently. Well, that means that you should have separate sections for each kind of item that you are going to throw away. While you may think that’s complicated, it actually helps to make junkyards smaller.

  1. Recycle Your Kitchen Water

Well, that’s something that you’ve probably never thought about. Unfortunately, this idea is useless if you are living in a high-rise, but it may help you if you are moving into a new house and figuring out how to make it more eco-friendly. Well, you can start with re-structuring your plumbing. It is possible to structure it the way that waste-water from the kitchen or rain-water may be used for flushing the toilet. But in this case, make sure that you are not doing it otherwise because, well, you know… You may also use kitchen waste-water for gardening. If you are using biodegradable soap in the kitchen, then you can easily use structure your plumbing the way that dish-washing water is collected and directed to the garden.

  1. Take an Artistic Approach

A lot of things that you throw away may serve an artistic purpose. Most of your kitchen tools may be recycled to create some art objects. We are not promising that you are going to be exhibited in MoMA one day, but you can always surprise your guest by placing a kitchen strainer into the picture frame on the wall. Actually, considering what’s being placed in MoMA, maybe you will have an exhibition there one day. Are you into music? Are you planning to create a small studio in your cellar or attic? But you don’t want to disturb anyone with the noise that you are going to make? You also don’t want outside sounds to mess with your recordings? Recycling can be a great solution. Stop throwing away paper egg packs, as they work perfectly for sound-isolation. All you have to do is to cover the walls of the cellar or the attic with the paper egg packs, and you are going to have a small sound-proof studio. 


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