How To Go From Being A Good To Great Poker Player


Winning consistently at the poker table is an art that most fail to master. Yes, winning an odd hand at the right time can result in a big win. However, it isn’t a sustainable approach and relies heavily on luck rather than skill. 

A reasonable player has a strategy in mind and understands the game of poker, but that doesn’t necessarily result in big rewards. A great player takes a unique approach, understanding the game and earning huge returns at both physical and online poker tables, such as those on GClub.


A Range Rather Than A Hand

Great poker players don’t think about an opponent’s hand, but rather about the range of hands possible. You need to analyse the cards you have, weighing the potential ranges of cards your opponent could have in every situation, from a flush to ace-high.

By studying the table, you can determine the frequency at which your opponent will have a specific hand and how they will play it. Determining the range help you decide whether it is smart to play yours or fold.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fold

There is no better feeling than drawing two aces, and players rarely fold on such a hand. However, it may be smarter for you to do so if an opponent goes all-in on the turn. While taking risks and calling bluffs are part of the game, in most cases, you are still better off folding unless you know for sure the player is bluffing. 

Average players easily attach themselves to an attractive hand, but a great player stays in control of the odds. 

Play Games That Favour Your Style

There is no sure way to tell if a table favours you, especially if you play online on GClub. After playing a few hands, you may get a better understanding of your opponent’s knowledge of poker, though. 

When it comes to making a profit, play with others who are on the same as you or below. It will shift the game slightly in your favour if you play smartly.

Eliminate All Distractions

When you are at the poker table or playing online, make sure that you are clear of distractions. That means no calls, messages, or other devices, or people that may distract you. It is best to concentrate solely on the game, giving you a chance to follow through on your strategy and study your opponents.

Great poker players understand how to play the game for the long haul rather than focus on the current hand at play. Intuition develops with time in the game, and there is always something more to learn from the competitors around the table. Keeping this perspective is the difference between winning a hand here and there, and going home with the pot.

If you are looking to hone your poker skills at home, you can do so online on GClub – a platform with abundant live poker games and real-life players.


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