How to Download TikTok Videos with 4K Tokkit


TikTok is a famous video-sharing platform that has taken the internet by storm with its short dance, comedy, talent, and lip-sync videos. Due to the massive popularity of TikTok, it’s hard to scroll through Facebook, Twitter, or other major social media feeds without seeing at least a few re-shared TikTok videos. TikTok is a popular platform for generating and watching short films proliferating. As of 2019, it has become one of the most popular App Stores. Because of COVID, People had some free time, and then there was an exciting pause in the audience. Users provide a significant amount of information here every day, including entertainment, educational content, humorous videos, tutorials, reviews, and more. Understandably, you want to keep some videos forever. Tik Tok downloader is a valuable tool if you’re going to save viral videos on your device. If the author has enabled it in their privacy settings, the TikTok app allows you to save videos to your smartphone.

Want to download your desired video? Let’s follow these steps:


  • Open the 4K Video Downloader from the Internet.
How to Download TikTok Videos with 4K Tokkit
Download 4K Tokkit
  • Install it to enjoy the best-downloaded clips.
  • Installation in progress:
  • The screen shows an installation success dialog. Now click on ‘start.’
  • The main screen of your desired application is shown below:
4K Tokkit main screen
4K Tokkit main screen

Activation of the License

Pro 4K Tokkit subscribers must validate their License after installing the tool to improve data limits and access unique features. Then, users on a budget can proceed to the next stage.

  • Select Tools > Manage License in the menu bar to activate your 4K Tokkit license.
1. Click on tools and then on manage license
1. Click on tools and then on manage License
  • Grab the license key from the inbox of your purchase email.
2. Click Activate License
2. Click Activate License
  • To copy the license key and stick it in the software bar. To activate your License, tap the Activate button.
3. Activate the license
3. Activate the License
  • Open the TikTok app(or any other app, e.g., Likee) and find your favorite video or hashtag you want to save to your mobile device. You can learn how to Download TikTok Videos in the guide.

Download TikTok Videos

  1. Go to the web page downloader and stick the video link in the text box, displayed at the top of the page, in the downloader for further processing.
1. Copy the TikTok video link
1. Copy the TikTok video link

2. Select “To download” from the drop-down menu.

2. Click the Download button
2. Click the Download button

Another method: To save TikTok clips, go to 4K Tokkit and search for the hashtags/account you are looking for. Enter the details in the search field and choose from the alternatives that appear.

  1. Unpleasant save all videos from TikTok account or hashtag, click the Download icon.
  2. In addition to the download icon, there are several recommended tabs:
  3. By clicking on it, you can choose the videos you want by date:
Select a date range to download videos between that range
Select a date range to download videos between that range

4. Your downloads will look like this:

Downloaded Videos
Downloaded Videos

In your Control panel, you can see your downloads.

That’s all! The video started downloading, and now you can enjoy TikTok videos even when you are offline. In addition, you can explore and install the website.

Supported platforms

4K Video Downloader is compatible with various interfaces such as Windows (32/64-bit), macOS (10.11), and Linux (64-bit).

4K Tokkit

With 4K Tokkit, you can watch and download an unlimited amount of TikTok content with one click. With 4K Tokkit, you can download an entire creator account, search for videos and save them with hashtags in the greatest possible resolution. Downloading content from 4K Tokkit is effortless. First, download the program to your computer, add a username or hashtag and click the Download button. After that, the movies will be downloaded to your PC or Mac automatically.

  • Tiktok content can be downloaded in bulk with usernames and hashtags
  • Tiktok feed can be browsed without ads
  • The option to create a Tiktok account backup
  • Automatically download all new TikTok videos from your subscribers.
  • Sort TikTok videos by date and download them.
  • TikTok video captions are saved.
  • 4K Tokkit is a free app that allows you to watch TikTok videos offline.


  • Without the watermark, you can download the video.
  • Download videos in high resolution.
  • Any device can use it (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS).
  • It’s simple, fast, and completely free.
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)


The stunning features of the 4K Download software can be used to enhance your entertainment experience. As we progress, we’ll dig deeper into these features.

1. Free 4K Video Download

You can download videos for free with the 4K Tokkit video download application. This program works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers. This application is also available in an Android version. You can download an Android version of the website directly to your phone. Paste the link to the item you want to download and wait to load to use this tool.

2. Download 4k MP3 Converter

The MP3 Converter allows you to export video clips from any public site to MP3 files. Therefore, you can select your favorite video and use the URL to download the audio.

3. Software that works on multiple platforms

4K Video Downloader is a multi-platform application that works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The Android version of the 4k video downloader is also available. 4k Video Downloader Android is accessible on many systems, which is already significant advantage. Plus, it includes 100 percent free features that let you use it for the most basic functions. You don’t need a deposit card or an external downloader. You can launch the installation file with just a few mouse clicks.


All the features of the leading 4K video downloader for Android are free. However, premium functionality for other support systems is available for a fee. According to the official 4K download page, Personal is the lowest premium option. This package, which includes three computers, can be purchased for $15 as retirement money. In addition, the Pro Plan is currently on sale at a discounted price. Instead of $60, you can get it for $45 and access the functionality for up to three machines for a one-time fee.


The overall rating of 4K Download is 4.7, indicating that the app’s design, usability, functionality, and reliability are excellent. The most notable 4K Video Downloader Software Bundle package provides additional download tools. You get a license for all developer software from 4K Download for up to three machines. The best thing about such a product is that it comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you wish to cancel your License, you must use it within 14 days of purchase to receive a full refund.


In short, 4K Tokkit can be used by both PC professionals and computer novices as it does not require any specific expertise. Type a username or hashtag in the search field and browse the results. This software is a fantastic tool. If you ever want to download music playlists and other full-resolution videos, the 4K Video Downloader is the program for you. The software is lightning fast and does not impose any download limits, standard in similar apps.

The ability to download free videos at resolutions up to 8K is a fantastic feature. The best of this 4K video downloader APK for Android is free. There are also no watermarks, trademarks, or other distinguishing features on the images. Free Download your favorite videos to your desktop. Select the video link and save it in the 4K video downloader program, and the download link will be created.

The application includes an easy-to-use UI that makes it easy to enter the hashtag or nickname you are looking for. When you type the keyword, a selection of relevant results will appear, and you can select the video that appeals to you best. Clips that meet your criteria will be instantly downloaded as MP4 files to the location of your choice once you find them.

You can specify whether the oldest or newest videos should be retrieved first. In addition, you can enable 4K Tokkit to run in the background when you exit the main window so that it continuously checks the contents of your favorite accounts.

The 4K Video Downloader is suitable for saving your favorite online videos. The cross-platform programs, developed by Open Media LLC, offer various services. MP3 files, streaming videos, and slideshows can be downloaded with a 4K download. Every task is made more accessible with this multimedia solution. I hope you will enjoy this fantastic application without any problems. See you soon with new technology!


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