How To Clean A Chainsaw?


A chainsaw is an essential tool in cutting trees. But for the proper functioning, you need to keep the chainsaw clean. Otherwise, dust and wood chips may enter into different parts of the saw and may cause a severe defect to its functioning. This leads to improper functioning of the chainsaw. When there is too much damage to the saw due to dust and wood chips, you have to buy a new one. But standing in this time of costliness a new chainsaw may cause you a fortune. That is why you must take care of your chainsaw before it is beyond recovery. So let’s see how you should clean and take care of your chainsaw.

Required tools

Taking care of a chainsaw is not a child’s play. You cannot just clean it with hand and do the regular dusting like any other more straightforward machine. Here are some critical tools listed down that are the essentials of care of a chainsaw. 

  • Wire brush to scrape the hardened dust and dirt
  • Lubricant and Warm water to keep the chain inside
  • A universal cleaner to clean the machine
  • A sharp tool for bar grooves, e.g. knife
  • Wrench to loosen the screws
  • A blunt cleaning tool for oiler hole, e.g. flathead screwdriver
  • Other than this, you can have an air compressor.

How To Clean A Chainsaw?

Cleaning method

  • Prepare your chainsaw for cleaning

The first most crucial step is to switch off the machine and unplug it from the electric supply. If it is battery operated, then remove the batteries before you start cleaning. Make sure there is no chance of the machine of activation. Otherwise, any mishap can take place. Also read about the safety gear about best Chainsaw Helmets which are useful to protect you from fatal accidents during work.

  • Remove the bar and chain

Use the wrench to loosen the nuts and separate the bar and chain. Make sure the anti-kickback chain brake is already extricated before you do so. 

  • Clean the bar

Put some lubricant in the water and put the chainsaw in the mixture. Use a ragged cloth to clear the dust and grease. In case there is hardened dirt, use the wire brush to scrape it away. 

For the bars, use the sharp cleaning tool to clean the bar grooves. Clean the bar rails similarly with the same instrument. 

And the last is the oiler holes present in the bar remove all the debris. You may use an air compressor for more efficient cleaning, but that is entirely optional. 

  • Clean the chain

Put the chain out of the lubricant mixture now and clean it with the rag and use a wire brush to scrape away all dirt. Rewash it now and remove all the debris. If there is dirt left, you may clean it multiple times. Electric Chainsaws are the best to use but they need proper maintenance.

  • Clean the powerhead

In the next step, use a soft tip brush to clean the dirt around the clutch drum and bar. For the inner tighter spots use something that can access the spots quickly. You will need to clear the oil ports too. 

  • Clean air filter and power plug

If you want a deep cleaning, remove the outer part and have a look at the inner air filter, power plug. Use a soft tip brush to clean them. You can use want soapy water to clean the air filter, later rinse it with water and air dry it. Next, clean the cooling fan and the cylinder head using a simple screwdriver and clean the accumulated dirt in the cooling fins. 

  • Take off carburetor part

Detach the parts of the carburetor and soak them for 5 to 10 minutes. Now clean the parts and dry them. After they are fry reassemble the carburetor like before. 


After going through the article, it is clear how important it is to take care of your chainsaw. Always use the quality product while taking care of the machine. And maintain the schedule of care as directed by your manufacturer. There is no better way to be regular at your care. And even after the regular care of your machine check, it’s regularly working. We hope our article will help you enough to extend the lifespan of your chainsaw. 

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