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How to be confident on-call during an intimate conversation?

Conversation is a very private thing, and an intimate call is even more personal. Gone are the times when only long-distance couples used erotic calls. These intimate conversations, on one hand, build a deeper connection, and on the other, they relieve the sexual tensions. 

Although intimate conversations on call is a very daunting task, many people lack the confidence to have one. People who have a confidence issue should definitely follow the steps provided and notice the change within them.

Tips to improve confidence during the intimate conversation 

Always ask for permission: If you are doing this with your partner, then the permission becomes absolutely necessary.

If you are making use of a phone chat service provider, even then if you feel confused about something, always ask your partner if the subject you wish to discuss is agreeable.

Take things slowly: Don’t rush into anything. Take your time, set the mood for yourself because that will help you greatly to get in the mood for such talk. If you prefer music, then that is also fine.

Get in your groove and keep your comfort and the comfort of your partner in mind. People also try and dress-up as it helps them with mood and a conversation starter, and you should try the same.

Roleplay is a good option: Roleplay is the safest thing that you can try if you are not having any luck. Pick out a situation and describe it to your partner. Act out the situation on the intimate call.

This will help you sound confident even when you don’t feel it so much. This will also create curiosity in your partner, and that will get her involved in the conversation even further. The attention received would increase your confidence exponentially.

Always describe: When you describe yourself, you have a lot of material to talk about during the call. This description can be an old memory, fantasy or even the roleplay.

Involvement increase attention of your partner, which in turn increases your confidence. Be sure to be detailed when you describe situations or your outfit.

Erotic stories: Listening to stories can be a very good confidence booster. If you are feeling shy about having an intimate conversation with someone, then you can just listen to stories of various girls who describe their experiences. 

You can always try the conversation part once you have gained some confidence. There are many books which have stories like these, and you can read them and pick up some tricks from there. 

Intimate calls are a great stress buster, and they also bring you close emotionally with your partner in case of a relationship. There is no doubt about it that it is an acquired skill and you should take your time to reach your comfortable spot with it. 

There is also no doubt about it that once you try it, you would certainly be hooked on to it. So take a deep breath and just enjoy those moments whether you are having an intimate conversation with your partner or a professional on Indian phone chat.

You can very well pick-up some catchphrases from the stories or the books, and these are great to have when you are stuck somewhere during a conversation and start to lose confidence.

Akshay Varma
Akshay Varma is a senior Journalist with Mass Media Communications Degree from Aurora Degree College. He writes mostly on Movies and Trending Topics


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