How Sara Haines Really Felt About Her First Day At The View


How Sara Haines Really Felt About Her First Day At The View

On the most recent episode of the “Behind the Table” podcast, in recalling her first day on “The View,” she explained why she’s grateful for former co-host Sherri Shepherd. Haines shared that Shepherd instructed her to push her under the table if it was her desire to speak. It’s difficult to get a word out when women are talking. 

“I remember just stopping in my tracks and being hit by two things,” Haines said. “One, I have such a reverence for all the women that have come before. I’m a huge fan of Sherri Shepherd — I was not going to tap her knee and tell her to shut up anytime soon. That still stands today, years later.” 

“Two,” She continued, “the graciousness of Sherri to have said that, especially in this business is cutthroat in general and then you put a bunch of people at a table trying to talk and it’s like a family dinner where someone’s gonna bite your hand off if you speak up. So to have her tell me that so generously and she didn’t know me from Adam, that’s just her heart and I just thought that is so beautiful.”


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