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How Iran’s top nuclear scientist was ‘assassinated by killer AI-powered machine gun’

Intelligence released in a report by the New York Times has revealed how an Israeli operation assassinated Iran’s top nuclear scientist – using a robot gun operated by a sniper 1,000 miles away.

Mohsen Fakrizadeh, an Iranian nuclear scientist and rumoured to be the head of the Iranian government’s nuclear program, was assassinated.

Fakhrizadeh was an important figure in Iran and his assassination could have seriously hampered Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

A high-tech weapon system was used to assassinate Fakhrizadeh. It consisted of a remote-operated gun mounted on a disguised pickup truck.

The aftermath of the assassination of Mahsen Fakhrizadeh
Fakhrizadeh’s wife, who was sat in the passenger seat next to him, was physically unharmed

This was then controlled by a Mossad sniper location more than 1,000 miles away from the target.

Artificial Intelligence was used in order to account for the 1.6 second delay between video footage of Fakhrizadeh and the sniper pulling his trigger. This allowed them to take precise shots.

The convoy also saw a second vehicle, which was fitted with cameras. This allowed the operatives to pinpoint the exact position of Fakhrizadeh on the stretch of road that would be used for the ambush.

The heavy weapon, which weighed over a ton, was smuggled into Iran by a network of Mossad informants. It was then assembled for the meticulously planned operation.

The weapon was so precise that Fakhrizadeh died while his wife was sitting in the front seat.

Fakhrizahed (right) with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani
Fakhrizahed (right) with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani

Months in the making, the whole operation was over in less than a minute.

Fakhrizadeh was initially struck in the windshield by the sniper, which caused the car to stop.

The snipers then fired at Fakhrizadeh’s car, striking him in the shoulder. He was then reportedly able exit the vehicle.

After being hit three more time, he died in his wife’s arms.

In total, the sniper fired 15 rounds.

The Iranian regime was embarrassed by the operation, having already lost Qassem Solimani, its top general, to a US drone attack in January 2020. This strike took place less than one year before Fakhrizadeh died.

Mourners kneel by Fakhrizadeh's coffin
Fakhrizadeh was the second high profile Iranian figure to be killed in 2020 after the death of general Qassem Soleimani in January

This loss of two such high profile individuals severely undermined confidence in the Islamic Republic’s ability to protect its own top brass.

The operation was a lengthy process. Israel apparently accelerated the process after it became clear that Donald Trump would not run for the presidency again.

Donald Trump had pulled out of the US-Iran nuclear deal. Israel may have felt Biden, who was Obama’s vice president at the time the deal was signed, might want to reconsider if he is elected.

As a result, the operation was sped up.

Although it is unclear how much prior knowledge they had, we know that the US was told that the attack would take place.

Iran has now reached a deal with UN to monitor its nuclear programme, which could open the door for the lifting of US sacntions.

How Iran's top nuclear scientist was 'assassinated by killer AI-powered machine gun'
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