How I Met Your Father: Trailer Revealed First Look


How I Met Your Father Updates: The series got the 80’s show vibe all over it, probably the 1st season with 13 episodes so far. So, the sitcom is about the everyday lives of relatable, urban millennials – played by professional people. ‘ How I met your father’ is a 2022 sitcom in which a mother, Sophie, tells her son how she met his father.

Although, the trailer had just been released on YouTube and will be broadcast on Hulu! Here’s what we have gotten to know so far!!

Everyone is smiling, looks perfect, and has the right thing to say. Here, it seems like the writers want to show their fantasy of how young people’s lives will look in 2022.

As the series will be a spin on How I met your mother, the show will follow the story of Sophie, played by Hillary Duff, who tells her son, the story of how she met his father, developed with the same relationship capers, ups and downs, and the continuation of friendship from the original series.

How I met your mother follows ted’s side of the story or his pursuit of love, as the first three episodes of the series HIMYM setup in a holiday-themed, while the plot continues to proceed the story. So follows episode 6, the excellent follower-themed plot, episode 9 kicking off that of the Thanksgiving tradition, or episode 12 end with the end of the new year’s kiss.

Cast and characters of How I Met Your Father Includes:

How I Met Your Father
the Today Show

Sophie – Hillary duff
Jesse – Chris Lowell
Valentina – Francia Raisa
Charlie – Tom Anslie
Sid – Suraj Sharma&more.

We can see that HIMYM is full of holiday-themed, Thanksgiving Christmas, or even the new year. But, How I Met Your Father will be surpassing all of these events. Thus, we don’t get to see any holidays or festivals in the show so far, but let’s see what will happen. How I met your father will premiere on HULU on January 18, 2022.


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