How Did Trevor Noah Grandmother’s Die? Check Her Cause of Death?


Trevor Noah is a popular South African Comedian, television, host, and political commentator. The immensely versatile personality is surrounded by some hardships in life. As per the reports, the famous comedian lost her grandmother lately. The distressing news has been announced by one of the most reputed information sources. According to the announcement his grandmother’s name is Frances Noah, she is popularly known as Gogo died at the age of 95. The news of Frances’s demise gets widely spread all over the Internet and Trevor’s fans are pouring tributes to her. Get more information on Trevor Noah’s grandmother’s death.

Trevor Noah's Grandmother Frances Noah

The Johannesburg, South African native also paid his heartfelt tribute to the matriarch of Noah’s family. He even posted an adorable picture and video wherein he is posing along with his grandmother and Gogo is saying “How can I smile for a photo when I don’t have teeth?” She breathed last on Thursday 12th May 2022. He also paid tribute to his grandmother with a sad note that reads that “This morning our family laid to rest the oldest member of our clan Frances Noah”.

He further shared that she was born in 1927 and she was 95 years of his age at the time of his death as we mentioned above. He says that it was quite difficult to accept that he lost her beloved grandmother. He appreciates each and every moment he spent along with her Gogo. He says that every moment was magical along with her. The comedian also shared that her house located in Soweto was not only a house but a shelter for all the women who lost roofs on their heads. He recalls the time when they all gathered there to pray and other ritual activities.

Noah later appreciates the support, condolence, and prayers of the fans in such a grim situation he is facing in his life. He said that he sank in sorrow and spent the entire week crying recalling good old days with her grandmother. He ended his sorrow note with “Hamba Kahle Gogo” means ‘Goodbye Gogo’ with a red heart emoji.

He shared lots of funny moments along with her grandmother in one of the episode of the famous The Daily Show in 2018. Our thoughts and prayers are along with his family members. May the pure soul will rest in peace.


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