How B.J. Novak Convinced John Krasinski To Become An Actor


How B.J. Novak Convinced John Krasinski To Become An Actor

Speaking to WUSA in 2016, John Krasinski opened up about his early years in school and revealed that he only partook in one play (“Annie”) as a kid, where he played Daddy Warbucks. It wasn’t until high school that Krasinski would be tasked with another role, but this time at the hands of former “Office” co-star B.J. Novak.

Novak, who attended Newton South High School in Massachusetts with Krasinski, was writing a school play of which he wanted his future “Office” co-star to be a part. Krasinski, who “didn’t think [he] wanted to act at all,” (as he told WUSA) revealed that Novak initially approached him and said, “I’m writing this giant parody on the school, on the teachers” and said, “I’d love for you to act in it.” “I said, ‘Oh yeah, I’m not an actor’ and he’s like, ‘I don’t know, I think you could be a good actor, would you ever wanna do this part?'” Krasinski continued.

“He was really one of the first people ever to tell me that acting is something I should even consider,” Krasinski ended. Two East Coast classmates would star in one of the most popular TV sitcoms ever. Who would have thought Novak’s Ryan Howard would be so helpful to Krasinski’s Jim Halpert off-screen, despite creating a toxic work environment. John Krasinski’s thoughts — right after the jump!


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