Hotel staff do not disappoint when inventing a game for man who wanted to ‘take his mind off work”


Hotel staff do not disappoint when inventing a game for man who wanted to ‘take his mind off work”

A hotel indulged a man’s unique game to distract him from his busy work schedule.

Tommy sent an email to TikTok and explained that Tommy likes to hunt for hidden apples in hotels. He also asked if they could give him one.

He wrote: “Hi there, I’ll be staying two nights with you from Thursday 31/10 to Saturday 02/11 and was wondering if I could ask a favour?

“It may seem a little strange, but can you please hide an apple somewhere in my room for me to find? I travel often, and these small games help take my mind off work and lower my stress levels.

“The type of apple doesn’t concern me as I enjoy them all. I did have a ‘papple’ recently which I didn’t quite care for – I believe it was a pear/ apple hybrid.

“Anyway I digress – a Granny Smith always satisfies!”

The hotel replied that they would do “their best” to accommodate his request and that they did.

When he arrived at the hotel, the lady at reception “laughed” when she saw his name and said “so you’re the apple boy?” before telling him that five apples had been hidden in his room, he explained.

They also left him a card in his room saying “home is where the apples are hidden and where water is in plain sight,” and upon reading it he started opening draws and looking through the wardrobe to find the hidden fruit.

He was curious how he got on.

The first one was in the safe. The second was under the covers. The third was in the fridge. He also found the fourth in a drawer at his bedside. The fifth apple was not easy to find. He gave up looking for it in the safe, the fridge, the bed covers, and the drawer in the bedside cabinet.

He tried again the next morning and found the fifth apple in his kettle.

It was done.


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