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Hospital worker tortured helpless patients and beat them with shoes in secret room

A hospital security supervisor has been filming himself as he tortures patients at a hospital in Pakistan, police have revealed.

Zohaib Malik, who is a privately contracted security and maintenance supervisor, has been called the “mastermind” behind abuse carried out at Mayo Hospital in Lahore.

The footage of the torture was leaked to social media and police took action.

The videos were recorded in a private room within hospital premises.

The abuse was documented by police over the past three months. However, Malik has been working at the hospital for ten years.

Zohaib Malik
Zohaib Malik (pictured in the leaked footage) has been called the ‘mastermind’ behind the torture

Malik would bring people to the room who he suspected of a crime, such as trespassing, stealing or misbehaving.

Speaking with VICE World News, Lahore city police superintendent Rizwan Tariq said: “You can say he used to act like a judge inside of his own courtroom.

“He would take the person and then he would question them. If he didn’t get the answers he needed, he would resort to violence.

Malik attacking with a shoe
Malik attacked a man with a shoe while he was on the ground

Tariq added that most of the people he tortured were from “low-income groups” and some were homeless, which is why no one has come forward regarding the abuse.

Police do not know why the incidents were filmed but believe it was for Malik’s entertainment.

Malik is seen hitting a man on the floor with a shoe in the leaked footage.

Lahores Mayo Hospital
The abuse was alleged to have been out at Mayo Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan

In another video of the abuse, a man is having his hair yanked before Malik goes on to hit him several times.

Other staff members are suspected to have assisted Malik in the abuse.

In the same interview with VICE World News, superintendent Tariq said: “The whole security apparatus of the hospital – all the people who were reporting to this man because he was a supervisor – would obviously have been a part of it, either willingly or unwillingly.”

Malik attacking victim with a shoe
Police believe the abuse has gone on for the past three months

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24NewHD TV reports that Malik has been suspended by Dr. Iftikhar (Mayo Hospital Medical Superintendent) following the release of the footage.

To investigate further, a three-member inquiry panel has been established.

Hospital worker tortured helpless patients and beat them with shoes in secret room
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