Honeydew Sleep pillows helped me create the sleep oasis of my dreams


Honeydew Sleep pillows helped me create the sleep oasis of my dreams

Pillows have been somewhat of an afterthought in my house until recently, when the fast-approaching threat of turning 35 told me those pesky neck creaks weren’t getting any better and perhaps I should pay more mind to the flattened rocks upon which I was resting my head.

Honeydew contacted me while I was working on a piece regarding dorm room necessities. The information I had read about the company convinced that it was time to get some pillows. I was beaten by Honeydew and they sent me a large package that included the Classic Scrumptious pillow, the Essence Side Sleeper pillow and the Body By Honeydew support pillow.

The three pieces were packaged neatly and compactly in a large cardboard box with all the individual boxes inside. Much like the Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress recently reviewed on Wishlist, the Honeydew pillows are shrunk down in vacuum packaging to make them easy to transport.

I carefully opened each one and let them plump while I removed the luxurious, satiny Bamboo pillowscases provided by the company. Finally, I stuffed each pillow into its appropriate cover.

The first thing I noticed was the helpful band around the Classic Scrumptious–I’d read earlier that it helps the pillow maintain its height so you’re not sinking down into it, which is a bonus for me since I tend to me a stomach or side sleeper. Now a week later, I see that’s absolutely true and extremely helpful in cutting down on how much I toss and turn each night.

My next observation was the body pillow’s perfect size. I’ve had my eye on one of those giant pregnancy pillows for quite a while now (despite being nowhere near motherhood) because I love the way they seem to cradle you and provide extra support so when I’m propped on my side, I don’t fall off balance or wake up feeling like I’m tumbling over a cliff.

The first full night of sleep was a fun adjustment, as I felt like I’d climbed into a fancy hotel bed rather than my mid-quality queen. The bed is in a corner so I placed the body pillow on the wall, and then stacked the Classic and Essence. I’m used to needing two crummy pillows to feel supported, but it turns out there’s absolutely no need for that with these plump sleepers, so I settled on just the Essence with its innovative shape that lets you rest your head on the pillow sideways while its special shape curves up and doesn’t interfere with your neck or shoulders–look below to see for yourself.

I awoke feeling more rested that I’m used to, with less neck strain and grogginess and immediately knew the pillows were helping. A little reconfiguring the next night saw me hugging the Essence with my head on the Classic while cuddled up with the body pillow at my back, and let me tell you: This combo was and remains a winner. It was like settling down to sleep in a peaceful oasis, where I was safe from all stressors, nightmares, and heat, even during the hottest summer nights.

My husband will not mind, but it was amazing to be able to snuggle up to something plush and sturdy that doesn’t heat all night. I felt safe and supported, without feeling suffocated. My body was free to rest in the most natural way for me, instead of settling for what I could find. The number of times I wake up is fewer, if at all, and I don’t find myself shifting every two minutes while I’m trying to wind down for the night.

In the 10 days since switching to Honeydew, I’ve even taken back up the luxury of a 20-minute midday nap on my lunch break that working from home allows. It’s not even that I feel like I need it, it’s just so tempting to crawl back into bed and let the stresses of the daily grind melt away temporarily as I lounge luxuriously. Before, I’d sometimes eke out a quick nap and wake up groggier than before with a sore neck, but there’s something that feels like intentional and meaningful self-care about resting amid a cocoon of Honeydew pillows.

Below I’ll outline a bit more on each model I tried, but overall I highly recommend giving these pillows a try if you’re in the market for an upgrade. The genius shape, cool-touch feel, and incredible support they provide is stellar and will give you a beautiful night’s rest.

The Classic Scrumptious Pillow

This is the standard by which to measure pillow greatness.

The ribbon in the middle is nice and decorative, but it also helps maintain plumpness and integrity throughout the night so you’re not rolling into the flat part of the pillow or sinking so deep you can’t breathe. It’s so, so soft, too, and the 100% Organic Bamboo pillowcases you can buy with them are worth every penny.

Body by Honeydew

This overstuffed dream weaver is the cream of the crop in my opinion. It provides full-body support and deep comfort. You can also rest it between your knees, curled up on it, to align your spine and improve your quality of sleep all night. To make it even more luxurious, get the matching pillowcase.

The Essence Side Sleeper

As a partial side sleeper, this one earns its name well by working exactly as planned. The unique curve and shape of this mattress is perfect for supporting your neck and head. I also love how the quilting cushions my noggin as I sleep. There’s barely any heat buildup, unlike other brands, so you won’t wake up at 3am drenched in sweat and stuck to your pillow.


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