Hindilinks4u 2021 Website – Download New Hindi Movies & Tv Shows – Informative Guide


Everyone in this world like to watch free movie online. And for those, the Hinilinks4u has something great to offer in the way of it’s the vast size of the movie library. But as using such a website is not safe all the time. You need to learn about the site in a better way, and that is why we have brought this article to halo you learn about the movie downloading website in detail. 

Everything about Hindilinks4u

This is mainly a free movie downloading site which uploads the Hollywood, Bollywood and Marathi movies online. They upload each movie in different HD qualities. And there is a different type of films on the site sorted into different categories helping you download the film as you like. The site also offers the dubbed films of different languages which enables the viewer to watch the movie of their choice irrespective of the language they want. 

Hindilinks4u 2021 Website - Download New Hindi Movies & Tv Shows - Informative Guide

How Did Hindilinks4u Start?

Hindilinks4u started as a small free movie downloading website which allowed it’s a visitor to have a great experience while downloading their choice of movie. But when the site started to upload regular hit movies, the attention paid to it increased. So the Hindilinks4u became the large website as it is today. 

How does the website work?

The website works through uploading the free movie, uploading online and gaining money from the ads on the site as the number of visitors increases the number of ads increases. In this way, the website becomes more and more popular. It uploads the top films within a few days of their release and even before their release sometimes. 

Is using the website safe?

The site is a piracy website hence using it to download the movie of your choice makes you exposed to some of the greatest threats to your data. It can detect your phone data to the hackers and even if not for that, the site is illegal and may land you to the punishment that the government has directed. So it is not safe rather dangerous to use these sites. 

Is Hindilinks4u legal for movie download?

Piracy is never legal, and these Hindulinks4u promotes piracy. So anyone who uses this some are subjected to the punishment as directed by law enforcement by the government. So we prefer you do not use such dangerous sites for movie download instead use the legitimate sites that will never land you in such a situation. 

Alternative websites available for Hindilinks4u

We have discussed before that several sites on the internet promote piracy. But Hindulinks4u is a bit more popular than the others. But in case the site gates blocked one day, let’s have a look at the similar sites like it. 

Special characters of Hindilinks4u

Hindilinks4u has grown to a more significant part of the free movie downloading website from the small one as it started. There are several reasons that the users choose this site to download one of the other sites. Let’s have a look at those reasons why most of the people select Hindilinks4u than the others. 

  • The high library of films is one of the biggest reasons for choosing the site as there are plenty of categories like fantasy, romance, drama, comedy, children, thriller, horror, action, war, strategy, sci-fi, mythology, etc. People get to choose the movie according to their mood more easily. 
  • Users can download the film in a different language. E.g. there is a Hindi dubbed version of the Marathi movies available on the site. You can download Hollywood movies in the dubbed version too.  This increases the number of visitors every day. 
  • The site uses several mirror interface. As soon as the government blocks one of its links the site changes the address URL to another one and transfers the data to it. This is how it keeps going and growing. 


This article means no promotion to any piracy, and it is only of educational and informational purposes. And as this website promotes piracy and its use may make you face some unfavorable conditions, we warn you about them. Rather we prefer you to use the legal paid websites and download movies with safety.


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