Hightown Season 2 Episode 6: Latest Updates, Plot Summary With Spoilers


Is hightown new tonight on starz? Will we get the chance to delve deeper into Jackie and Ray’s world this weekend?

Well, here’s some bad news to present: While we’re in the midst of the Monica Raymund show’s season 2 season finale, we’re in the middle of a short week-long hiatus. This is usually prompted by the network’s decision to BMF final exactly the same weekend as the premiere of Power Book II: Spirit. Is this frustrating? 100% yes, but we’re not going to sit here and pretend this is the first time we’ve seen Starz make a move like this with one of their shows. Many of them often have a short hiatus in the season for one reason or another, and we have to sit and wait for them to come back.

Hightown Season 2

Rest assured that season 2 episode 6 is airs on Starz on November 28 and will arrive on the app at midnight that same day. Jackie is going to have a lot of trouble on her plate in this episode – after all, she pushed one of the closest people to her amid her panic over her relationship with Leslie. Meanwhile, Ray has to deal with Renee who shows up at his door and proclaims that she is deeply in love with him – is she going to tell him everything that just happened to Jorge? Things can get messy.

For a few more details on what lies ahead here, be sure to read the full hightown season 2 episode 6 synopsis below:

It’s the day before Thanksgiving at the Cape, things are looking good for Ray and things are looking bleak for Jackie; Frankie worries about his business with Jorge.

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