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Hermes ‘takes the p*** with delivery time’ but Twitter users warn it’s a scam

A disgruntled Hermes customer went viral on Twitter this week after receiving a message stating the courier attempted to deliver his parcel in the middle of the night.

Liam Pullin, from Wales, posted a snap of his tracking update which showed that he had missed his delivery and would need to reschedule.

But, in the details it said that Hermes had tried to deliver the goods to him at 5:12am.

Liam was fuming and captioned the snap: “Are Hermes taking the p***.”

He attached a screenshot to the tweet which said: “Missed Delivery: We missed you on last delivery.

“Attempted Delivery Tue 21 Sep.

“Delivery time 05:12am.”

An option to reschedule the delivery was posted below.

The message was not actually from Hermes
The message was not actually from Hermes

The tweet quickly picked up traffic with almost 2,000 retweets and 52.5k likes.

But, not everything was what it seems as social media users in the replies warned him not to click on the delivery link.

One person shared a similar screen shot and said: “It’s a scam I had that don’t put the details in.”

“Def a scam. Hermes can’t ever be bothered to tell you they’ve missed a delivery,” added another.

While a third wrote: “It is a scam. Had the same for 3:02 am. My son also.”

Others pointed out that couriers weren’t allowed to deliver outside of 7am to 9pm.

A number of scams have circulated during the pandemic
A number of scams have circulated during the pandemic

One poster warned: “Scam! Dad had one of those, despite not ordering anything and it apparently being missed at seven in the morning.

“Someone else in the replies here posted a bigger screenshot and the URL looks super dodgy.”

A spokesperson for Hermes said: “We’re aware of an ongoing phishing attempt claiming to be Hermes, where individuals are receiving a text message including a link to pay for parcel delivery.

“We would never ask for payment in this way. We recommend that customers report suspicious text and email phishing attempts to Action Fraud, as we have done with this particular scam.”

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Hermes 'takes the p*** with delivery time' but Twitter users warn it's a scam
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