Here’s Why Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 Was Cancelled Despite Expectations


Since the release of the Santa Clarita Diet, the show has had a devoted and loyal following. After the hiatus from Season 4, fans are looking forward to Season 4.

The sudden cancellation of Season 4 has deeply shocked the followers and they are looking for accurate information about cancellation news and wanted to know more: Has the season really been canceled and if there are any chances for the renewal.

In this article we explain all this. So stay tuned for the information.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4:

Santa Clarita Diet – An American horror comedy series that is famous among viewers for its laughter scenes. This web television series was created by Victor Fresco. The series will be streamed on Netflix with a brilliant all-star cast of Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant.

The story revolves around a husband and wife Joel and Shelia Hammond’s real estate team, who go through a dull and normal life, but their lives changed drastically after Shelia started showing Zombie symptoms.

How the confused relatives deal with the consequences when Shelia asks for the human flesh is beautifully presented (horror and comedy). Plus, it’s a one-camera series with very positive reviews, especially for season 1.

Three seasons of Santa Clarita Diet have been released with all seasons consisting of 10 episodes and a total of 30 episodes are available. If you haven’t watched them yet, you should give them a try.

To clear up your doubts about the series’ popularity, we’ve listed ratings and reviews to help you out.

IMBd Rating:

Taking all factors into consideration, IMBd Rates Santa Clarita Diet – 7.8 which isn’t bad.

Feedback on Santa Clarita’s Diet:

Let’s see what the public is saying about the Santa Clarita diet:


I found this show to be more realistic in its problem solving than most of the movies I’ve seen and that was quite satisfying. The cast is so amazingly funny on its own.


Fresco has created a wonderful comedy series with zombies as the main course. The whole production is beautifully designed. Barrymore is not new to comedy, but Olyphant is somewhat and he is extremely impressive. I never knew he had so much talent. His timing, delivery and facial expressions are priceless.


This is not a show for those who are sick of gore. But if you can get past that, chances are you’ll find the show just about the best Netflix has to offer.

Bryan Jackson:

The comedy horror genre worked well, comedy and comedic timing kept me laughing and the story was timed and great paced with engaging characters and interesting take on some more familiar stories.

So, after reading the user feedback, what is your opinion?

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Is it known for season 4?

Discouraged, we have to say that Netflix has canceled the “Santa Clarita Diet”. The season will not be extended for the next season. I know the news touches you deeply, but there’s nothing we can do.

Fresco felt said for the fans and appreciated the show’s hardcore followers. “There were online petitions. Hundreds of thousands of people signed up. I felt bad because your job as a writer is to get people emotionally invested in your show. We did and then the rug was pulled from under them. It was hard to deal with,” he said.

In addition, he said, if he sees opportunities to renew the season, he will do his best and has tons of ideas for the next storyline (Joel Undead Journey). In addition, he understood that Sheila’s husband will fight hard to take his new life and save her. There is no certainty about the comeback, as Netflix has canceled the show.

You are all angry and want answers on why the season has been canceled, but there are no concrete answers from Netflix and what goes on behind the scenes.

Reasons Netflix Canceled The Show – Santa Clarita Diet:

No solids indications are available, but according to some hints from the head of Netflix, Cindy Holland shared some of his thoughts on it. Check them out:

At the INTV conference in Israel in March, Cindy Holland (Netflix Original Content Head) talked about why they are removing some shows from their list. – you probably know very well, it all depends on whether Netflix gets enough bang for the buck….

“It’s a combination of things,” she said (via Deadline). “When we invest, we decide how much to invest based on the audience that shows up. If the public doesn’t show up, we think about the reason to keep investing in something that isn’t doing as well as we hoped.”

Here's Why Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 Was Cancelled Despite Expectations

In the case of the Santa Clarita diet, Holland and her colleagues clearly believed there was no viable reason to keep pumping money into it.

She further added: “Of course, critical acclaim is also important, but we really want to try and stretch our investment dollars as far as possible and make up for our investors’ money — it’s theirs, not ours.”

Talking about investors feels very Wall Street, and it’s not something the average viewer cares about, but they’re an important part of the Netflix model, with much of the company’s success reliant on their continued commitment.

From the above discussion, we can say that financial reason is one of the biggest reasons behind Clarita cancellation. Money is one of the driving factors, all decisions are influenced by it. Is it not?

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Release Date:

I know it’s very disappointing for you to understand the news of the series’ discontinuation. Netflix has announced the end of the series with its third season.

In addition, fans are also discouraged about the end of the third season when Shelia bites Joel on the neck. In addition, the puzzle hooks behind Mr. Ball also the users. This kind of ending is not expected by the users.

There is no release date as the show has been canceled by Netflix and if Fresco gets a chance, only the season may be known. There is little hope for this. We will provide these to you as soon as we have information.

Famous Quotes:

Whether the series is renewed or not, these famous quotes will also remain in our minds. Is it not…

Joel Hammond: We can’t start killing people. We get life back to normal. And killing people isn’t normal, honey.

Sheila Hammond: Everyone fears change, but when life screams, “This is your new truth,” you have to accept it. Be brave, be brave and live your new truth, whatever it is.

Sheila Hammond: See? You wondered if we were bad people. But only good people would do a favor to their victim’s severed head.

Joel Hammond: It’s always the people you least expect to do the worst things.

Eric Bemis: It’s just money. And anyone with money says money isn’t important.

Share your favorite quote with us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Has Santa Clarita Diet been canceled?

Yes, the series has been canceled by Netflix. Netflix canceled the series on April 26, 2019.

Is it worth watching Santa Clarita Diet?

Yes, you should only watch it if you like comedy horror series. We shared the ratings and reviews of the series in the article. You can check them.

Will Netflix Bring Back Santa Clarita Diet?

There’s no positive sign of Netflix’s renewal, but showrunner Fresco said if given the chance, he’ll consider the show. But there is no high lookup for the serial renewal.

Where can you watch Santa Clarita Diet?

You can stream all his episodes on Netflix. All seasons are accessible on Netflix.


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