Here’s What Megan Fox Looks Like Without Makeup


Here's What Megan Fox Looks Like Without Makeup

Megan Fox’s beauty has been a topic of conversation among fans since her debut as Mikaela Barnes in “Transformers.” (Or, for some of us, it was her role as Carla in “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” that got us hooked!) And this bare-face selfie she posted in 2012 — as her very first photo on Instagram — certainly proved she’s just as gorgeous sans makeup. 

In fact, Fox told Allure that she actually prefers herself better underneath all that glitz and glam. “The pictures of me as a kid. That’s me. That’s how I prefer to look. More natural,” Fox confirmed this. Fox said that even though she may be sporting a little bit of makeup in the photo, her skin is flawless. In fact, one of her many beauty secrets includes something very accessible to the Joe Schmoes of the world: Drugstore moisturizer! “You can have an expensive moisturizer and turn it over and alcohol is the fourth ingredient. I’m not looking for an endorsement, but Cerave makes a really gentle moisturizer that I would recommend to anyone,” PopSugar spoke with her.

As for her glow today, fans can attribute that to that gentle skincare routine — and, in part, to her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly.


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