Here’s A Few Things That Could’ve Been Avoided With Leonard From The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory first aired in 2007. It successfully delivered 12 seasons. That’s a huge number! Throughout the seasons, the show unfolded the true side of its protagonists. Leonard Hofstadter is the actual protagonist of the sitcom and most of the stories revolve around him. He was a sweet character in the series. But as time changed, a few things about him didn’t change. So check out the list and let us know if you agree or disagree!

The Big Bang Theory

1. Leonard depends too much on his girlfriend(s) because they are happy

Well, love makes you happy and content. But that’s not all it does. We can be single and independent and still be the happiest. Happiness comes from within. However, in the series we see that Leonardo needs someone to be happy. Plus, if he didn’t have a girlfriend, he’d get depressed. This is something the current audience will not approve of.

2. Leonard’s Complaining Nature in the Big Bang Theory

Whining a few times may be understandable, but always whining, even over trivial matters? That’s irritating now. Leonard is a character who complains about all sorts of things in the series, which, to be honest, becomes unbearable. Who’s whining for not collecting Comic-Con tickets, or for not having a girlfriend? Leonard.

3. Many of us forgot that Leonard was once unfaithful to Penny in the big bang theory

The show played its game well. It portrayed Leonard in such a good light that he was the ideal good boy. However, we have all forgotten, or maybe we let it slip easily, that he was once unfaithful to Penny. During his North Sea expedition, he was so absorbed in his party lifestyle that he almost forgot Penny and kissed his colleague. OH AND ALSO, Penny has forgiven him for this.

4. Leonard was pushy when he and Penny first got together

Not everyone commits the way they do when they get into a relationship. The same was the case with Penny when they first started dating. However, Leonard was pushy and needy the entire time, which led to Penny breaking up. Well, it wasn’t her fault. This becomes annoying for the person who trades.

5. Leonard’s girlfriend didn’t like Penny, so Leonard let the whole group alienate her

Priya, Leonard’s girlfriend in Season 4, didn’t like Penny. Therefore, Leonard ended his friendship with her. But it didn’t stop here. Because Leonard ended his friendship with Penny, the entire group alienated her. Leonard could have acted mature and asked the group not to do this and treat her well.

6. Leonard’s Jealousy Toward Penny’s Beautiful Study Partner

Jealousy is a poisonous trait. This means that you do not trust your partner. This is where things start to go down the drain. When Penny realized her acting career wasn’t working, she decided to attend community college. Initially, Leonard supported this move. But when he saw Penny’s handsome college mate, he became insecure and jealous. Luckily they talked it out. Still, the trait is something that we as a public don’t approve of.


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