Hellbound Season 2: Showrunners Are Discussing the Renewal Status of the show


Hellbound Season 2 Updates: Hellbound is a supernatural horror series on Netflix; the Series is unpredictable. Hellbound is one of the most excellent Korean Series released on Netflix in 2021. The Hellbound season 1 is already proving its massive popularity with the subscribers.

Yeon Sang-Ho directs the first season of the show. The Series is adapted from the popular South Korean webtoon Hell.

After season 1, fans are waiting for Hellbound Season 2. Fans are waiting for Netflix to confirm the news of the renewal of the Series for the second season. As we know, Hellbound is only available on Netflix, so it’s pretty understandable why the Series is not renewed yet.

There is still hope that the Hellbound season 2 will be renewed for the second season after the success of the First Season.

At the end of the episode, we watched the ashes of Park Jung Ja come together and bring the woman back to life. Although why and How this happened can only be answered in season 2, fans were very excited to see this exciting twist. Hellbound has shown so many twists and turns that’s the reason the Series is unpredictable.

Release of the season 2 depends on the renewal of the Series and Netflix as the Series is only available on Netflix.

In the final episode of the season, one fan thought they might get to see the kid being murdered by the monsters. But, unfortunately, season one has already been brutal since the beginning.

In Episode 6, Sohyun accepts the death of her baby, a monster; however, in the last few minutes, she decides to fight back against the monsters. As Sohyun, her husband, and the lawyer decides to fight back for the sake of the kid, their neighbor’s witness that the monster can be fought back witness if they fight back, their fates can be different than being murdered brutally. In the end, we saw a happy ending for the family.

Cast and the Characters for the Hellbound Season 2?

Hellbound Season 2

There is no official news for the cast and the character, but we expect the original cast members to return for season 2 as we can not assume season 2 without them.

Yoo Ah-in will reprise as Jeong Jin-soo
Kim Hyun-joo will reprise as Min Hye-jin
Park Jeong-min will reproduce as Bae Young-Jae
Won Jin-ah Will reprise as Song So-Hyun
Yang Ik-June Will reprise Jin Kyeong-hoon.

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