He-Man and Skeletor Clash.

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Naturally, He-Man and Skeletor clash and as the two battle it out, the animation itself lovingly focuses on He-Man’s strength and prowess as a fighter. Skeletor can see the world crumbling around him and he doesn’t run away. He knows this could be his last chance to kill He-Man and he refuses to let it pass him by. These are two titans fighting for everything they believe in.

Apparently a significant chunk of the animation budget was allocated to one series to showcase what He-Man has always been, the most powerful person in the universe, kicking as many as possible in the ass, taking out hundreds of enemies with a grin on his sight.

All of this shows that removing He-Man and Skeletor from the first part of the series was a clever dramatic move by Smith and Mattel. Their absence from part 1 is what makes their return in part 2 so exciting and impressive.

Smith confirms that was the point and that removing He-Man and Skeletor was partly a way of exploring why those two characters are so important.

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“The idea of ​​going in was doing” World without a superman‘, says Smith, referring to a beloved bow of Superman stories in which the Man of Steel was murdered and readers were shown how the world reacted to his absence.

“He-Man and Skeletor are the poles that every other character orbits. What happens when you remove them from the equation? It allowed us to look at all the other characters and go deeper into their worlds and deeper into their hearts.” to go.”

This in turn created a vacuum in the world of Masters of the Universe that, as Smith explains, “demanded the return of those two characters.”

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