Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 6 Updates – Story Review & More!!


Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 6 Story Review

The 6th or final installment of the Hawkeye series shows us everything we really want. This is the best episode and finally reveals every secret. In the previous episode, the ending was very shocking because Kate eventually found out that her mother works with Kingpin. This is the same Kingpin from the Netflix show Daredevil that plays Vincent D’Onofrio. This kingpin actually hires Yelena to kill Hawkeye and he also hires Hawkeye in 2018 to kill Maya’s father. In episode 5, when client talks to his wife, he says he’s really worried about the big man involved in this situation who could get them in trouble.

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He’s actually referring to Kingpin and it’s pretty obvious that Clint, his wife, knows kingpin well. They know he is very dangerous and Clint now has a beautiful family so he doesn’t want to fight the kingpin. This could cause great trouble for his family. Episode 6 starts where the last episode left off. Now that Yelena knows that someone really badly wants Clint to die, Kate’s mother also works with him. Also, Yelena still wants to kill Hawkeye because she still thinks Hawkeye killed her sister.

So in episode 6 Hawkeye Vs confirms Black Widow, but this time Hawkeye will tell her how Natasha sacrifices herself to save everyone. Kate & Yelena will make a good team together as they are both very good at their jobs. One of them is a black widow, the greatest archer in the world. This probably reminds us of Hawkeye & Widow from The Avengers’s final fight sense. This episode also revealed why Kingpin wants Avengers Watch. Aslo revealed how Hawkeye gets all of its high-tech darts from the Stark industry.

Hawkeye Episode 6 is one of the best episodes in this series. So exciting, action packed, emotional, surprising and revealed a secret we really want to know. At the end of this episode, like other Marvel movies and series, hawkeye series also shows us what’s to come. It looks like Clint is passing the hawkeye title to Kate and retiring, but he will also return in the upcoming Secret Invasion series alongside Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Yelena and Kate. This is not the end of Jeremy Renner Hawkeye’s role in MCU, he will also appear in future Marvel projects.

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