Hawkeye Episode 4 Review & Updates!!

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Hawkeye Review (Episode 4) Review: Star Rating: 2.5 out of 5.0 stars

Form: Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Vera Farmiga, Tony Dalton, Fra Fee, Alaqua Cox, Florence Pugh and Ensemble.

Creator: Jonathan Igla

Director: Bert & Bertie

Stream to: Disney+

Language: English (with subtitles)

Duration: about 50 minutes per episode.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 4) Ft. Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld & Florence Pugh

Hawkeye Review (Episode 4): What It’s About:

Clint Barton, who decided to spend this Christmas vacation with his family, is stopped when news suddenly flashes that Ronin is back. Kate Bishop is introduced and now Hawkeye is tasked with clearing her name and ending the Ronin myth once and for all. Episode 3 takes us into a deeper exploration of the things that go on around and is mostly about the ladies in the show.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 4): What Works:

So far, Hawkeye has focused on its core audience. For those trying to find things that might put them off, Marvel played well and added a few new elements as well. Focusing first on the humane side of Clint Barton and giving the show a very optimistic note from the start. With episode 4 somehow they know that the audience needs more now and can’t rely on the above two things.

Episode 4 is thus a service to the ladies of the show. We first meet Eleanor aka Kate Bishop’s mother played by Vera Farmiga. Though the scene put me off a bit, the writing reveals that not only is her now fiancé Jack, but she’s also hiding some secrets. Kate is always on screen. We enter Maya’s house and yes, she gets another fight scene. Now the writing comes to a head when it makes you realize that not only Mr. Barton, but his Mrs. Barton are also well versed in his spying duties.


The moment that ‘just in between’ is shown is quite catchy and I really want her to be involved in what is already going on. Well, she speaks fluent German too! And last but not least, Yelena Belova, drum roll. Don’t act like that’s a spoiler, you. Although she doesn’t get to speak this time, she certainly raised expectations.

What the episode does best is cryptically explain why Hawkeye doesn’t want to join Kate Bishop. In the aforementioned battle, Clint is stuck in a situation where Kate is hanging from a rope and he is reminded of Natasha Romanoff who was last in a similar hanging situation when they went to get the soul stone. He is afraid of losing people who bond with him and he is not ready to lose anyone else.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 4): Top Performance:

Jeremy Renner is no stranger to his Hawkeye grin in this one. He gets to see the most emotional sequence when he talks about meeting Natasha Romanoff for the first time and losing his family to the Blip. But it doesn’t hurt us as much as it should.

Kate Bishop, aka Hailee Steinfeld, remains the same happy girl on the mission. Maya played bay Alaqua Cox can’t do much this time except fight. The same goes for Florence Pugh, as Yelena Belova is in the same situation.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 4): What Doesn’t Work:

This is also the weakest episode so far in my opinion. While we get to know the women deeply, the revealing moments written for them are not satisfying. The biggest revelation yet that of Yelena Belova happens and does nothing to you.

Since we’re talking about Yelena Belova’s entry, the action doesn’t impress as it did in episode 3. There’s a situation where 4 people indulge in a hand-to-hand fight and it seems like they were choreographed at the last minute in comparison. with the amazing chase sequence from the last episode.

This is also a miniseries and we are only 2 episodes away from the finale, isn’t it going a little too slow?

Hawkeye Review (Episode 4): Final Words:

As a whole, the show managed to captivate me as a viewer, but episode 4 definitely lowered my expectations. Hope 5 has me back on board, fingers crossed!


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