Has Peacock Renewed One Of Us Is Lying? Or Cancelled?


Following the big season 1 finale today on Peacock, should you expect a One of Us Is Lying season 2 to happen? As you would expect, there’s a lot to dive into and discuss here.

So where should we begin here? We suppose it’s important to get the bad news out of the way: Nothing is 100% official in regards to the future of the series. While we’d love to see more new episodes, we also recognize that the ball is in the streaming service’s court on much of this.

They will make their determination based on a whole host of different factors, whether that be total viewership, audience retention, and also story potential. There’s no immediate timetable as to when a decision will be made, so don’t be 100% shocked if it takes a good bit of time for the powers-that-be to properly figure this out.

Has Peacock Renewed One Of Us Is Lying? Or Cancelled?

If there is one reason for hope, it’s that there is more source material that could be adapted here and, more than likely, that’s one of the reasons why this show was picked up in the first place. If you are a streaming service like Peacock trying to build up a further audience of original programs, one of your priorities has to be trying to find a way to get subscribers.

Going after a property with an established audience is a good start. If you cancel a show like this now, then you stand a chance of alienating a good percentage of your fan following — is that something you really want to risk? There are some reasons for concern with that.

As for whether or not season 2 will actually be based on the next book in One of Us is Next, that still is up in the air. Here’s what executive producer Erica Saleh had to say on the subject to TVLine:

“That remains to be seen… Season 1 ends partly through their senior year in high school, so still in Season 2, we’ve got to stay with these characters and see what happens to them in the rest of their senior year.”

Do you want to see a One of Us Is Lying season 2?

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