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Harry may bring Meghan and Lilibet to Diana Awards, expert claims

Prince Harry may bring Meghan to the Diana Awards in December, an expert claims.

MailOnline’s Richard Eden claims: “Prince Harry could even bring Meghan and their baby daughter, Lilibet, who has still not met any other members of the Royal Family.”

The same scenario was speculated around the unveiling of their mother’s memorial statue in July but the Duchess of Sussex did not attend.

According to the organizers, Harry and William will be present at the award-giving ceremony that celebrates Princess Diana’s life.

Tessy Ojo told MailOnline: “We’re delighted that we still have the support of the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex.”

Harry and William at Diana Statue
Harry and William have not been face to face since the unveiling of their mother’s statue

The 2021 Legacy Award will be held at Althorp, the Northamptonshire stately home where Diana grew up, and her brother, Earl Spencer, will act as host.

Ojo, who attended the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding, has a key role in helping reunite the Prince Harry and Prince William, as the Diana Award and claims that right now they are “the only charity that has both of them involved.”

The chief executive for the awards said: “It really is a privilege.”

Prince Harry and Prince William
The Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex have been feuding for months

The Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex have not seen each other since the unveiling of the 60th birthday statue of their mother following months of feuding.

While the brothers spoke to the cameras about how to unveil it, they put on a united front.

Body language expert Judi James told Daily Star that it was a “poignant moment”, that “suggests that, whatever happens between them now, some kind of emotional reconciliation might be possible in the future.”

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Harry may bring Meghan and Lilibet to Diana Awards, expert claims
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