Happiness Season 2: Cast, Storyline And A Few Fresh Updates!!


Happiness Season 2 Updates: Now this time Korean television also brings an exciting and action-packed drama that is Happiness Season 2. The previous series makes the audience have many questions in their minds that will be resolved in the next season2. The story follows what happened to the people during the recent national shutdown from 2020 due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Happiness Season 2: Riley and Abby's Future - Daily Research Plot

The story begins with a newly built apartment in a big city where the upper floors should be owned and the lower floors rented out. The series depicts the mental warfare and struggle of civilians who were trapped in their homes during the epidemic. The city is on the decline when the next disaster comes in the form of a new infectious disease in which people suffer from chronic thirst and the white of the eye, after which an infected patient can transmit his or her disease to others.

Gradually, a deadly virus has swept across the city. People are afraid of a deadly virus. Infectious diseases are spreading worldwide, and the world is virtually closed. The world is moving in a certain way with real knowledge, never call those infected with a disease like zombies. That’s what made Happiness set such a high standard as the holocaust drama. Its deep view of human nature under pressure.

It explored the old adage that human beings are better off when things are worse but not for other people. The ending is the one that spends most of its time fixing the chaos but leaving enough time to wrap up one last time. It has been an exciting ride with great hope and happiness, which is about communicating with those around us who we often take for granted.

Happiness Season 2 Cast Members And Storyline

Yoon Sae-Bom (Han Hyo-Joo) is a member of the special police force. She is strong-headed with full of termination. He is happy to move into her new apartment, but as soon as moves in she faces problems.

Han Tae-Seok (Jo Woo-Jin) is a lieutenant colonel chief and is in charge of the health service. He is constantly trying to save people from falling into the deadly trap of the disease. Aside from all the world-zombie epidemics, the drama was not a reality or an unpopular voice, so all criminals had to suffer and heroes come as survivors. The message here is hopeful: even if the world is full of indifference or outright wickedness, it is worthwhile to be modest and not compromise.

Sometimes, a simple story of winning well is fun. The drama was very successful because of its characters and its straightforward story that look realistic.

The crux of this play usually focuses on the traumatic event created by NEXT and the horrific appearance of infected people, and people do it in a funny way. It’s really funny. Home is designed to be a comfortable place for a person, unfortunately, in (and in South Korea) class elitism infiltrates and tarnishes this precious home attribute.


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