Hannah Ann Sluss reportedly sues Proctor & Gamble.


Hannah Ann Sluss is reportedly suing Proctor & Gamble as well as other companies. CVS Pharmacy, Target, Walmart, and Walmart are all involved. Reports are surfacing. The Bachelor alum issuing. The big question is, “Why?” Continue reading to learn more.

Hannah Ann Sluss suing Proctor & Gamble

TMZ  shared that Hannah Ann Sluss from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is suing Proctor & Gamble. Why? The company continues to use Hannah Ann’s photos on Downy products. Despite the expiration of her license, the companies continue to use her photo on Downy products.

Hannah Ann had initially been agreed with the company that they could only use one image on one product. Once she gained Bachelor’s fame, the company continued to use her photo and expanded to multiple products. The original license was only for one product, from October 1, 2017, to October 1, 2019.

They claim that she has been used on at least six products since the original license was issued. Plus, it’s been more than two years since their right to do so expired.

Hannah Ann is not happy about the campaign that they have associated with her. According to reports, Hannah Ann is upset P&G used her for the “Life Gets Stinky” campaign. She said it was awful because the campaign associated her with the word “stinky.”

The report also says that Hannah Ann is suing P&G, CVS, Target, and Walmart for money. In addition, she’s asking the judge to order them to stop selling the products featuring her picture.

TMZ reached out to the companies with no response.

Hannah Ann Sluss reportedly sues Proctor & Gamble.

Hannah’s time on the show

To refresh everyone’s memory of Hannah Ann, she appeared in Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Along with Madison Prewett, she was a front-runner. Because of his time spent in fantasy suites with other women, Madison ended up abandoning Peter.

Hannah Ann was left as the last remaining woman after Madison died. Peter proposed to her and said that he believed that she was the one. The couple did not last long and split before the finale aired. He also admitted that he was interested in a relationship with Madison. The relationship did not last for more than two days.

Hannah Ann is now single, and she lives her best life in California. The model is a regular host of cooking demonstrations and has her Pinterest page with cooking videos.

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