Hanna Recap: Explaining UTRAX, Marissa.


Marissa’s loyalty to the CIA was rightly questioned at this point by her boss John Carmichael (Dermot Mulroney). Hanna visited Marissa in Paris as part of her search for Clara, and Marissa sheltered and hid Hanna. She dyed her hair blonde, secured a false passport, and arranged to live with her former professor and his wife in Canada. However, Hanna was determined to find Clara. During their stay in the woods, she had taken a drug implant from Clara’s arm and followed the name on it to a medical trial. She pretended to be a different girl and went through the process, during which she hallucinated and turned violent, but also learned of The Meadows’ existence. Marissa tracked down Hanna and they planned to travel to The Meadows together until Hanna discovered that Marissa was lying to her about contacting her boss Carmichael, so Hanna attacked her and went to The Meadows alone.

There Hanna got the German identity Mia Wolff, but resisted integration. She was there to break out of Clara and couldn’t understand why Clara had chosen to accept her false reality. Marissa teamed up with Mannion, part of a resistance group that wanted to take out UTRAX Regenesis and The Pioneers, and infiltrated The Meadows, where she was captured. Clara betrayed Hanna and their escape attempts were thwarted.

Hanna Season 1 & 2 Summary: Explaining UTRAX, Marissa, The Pioneers & The Hit List

The year before, a drunken Carmichael had tried to recruit government attorney Robert Gelder to the Pioneer Group and show him the list of targets. Gelder declined based on the young age of the targets, but photographed the list and planned to leak it to a journalist in London. When Carmichael learned that his indiscretion was about to be exposed, he sent Hanna and Jules on an undercover mission to London to find out where the meeting would take place, and killed the journalist. He also sent Sandy and Clara undercover to Barcelona, ​​where Robert Gelder’s daughter Kat was studying at university. In London, Hanna met Mannion’s resistance group and tried to stop the murder, but Jules caught on and carried it out alone.

In Barcelona, ​​Hanna tried to stop Clara from killing Gelder by telling her how to find her real mother. In Gelder’s hotel room, Clara refused to carry out the murder, so Sandy – always loyal to Carmichael – did and ran, leaving Hanna, Clara and Gelder’s daughter Kat, who escaped to a house in the hills of Barcelona. Hanna returned to the hotel and got the hit list Gelder planned to leak. There she met Marissa, who had been held captive by Carmichael until two of his people posed as resistance members to “break her out”, which was all just a ruse so that Marissa would lead them to Hanna and the list. Hanna recognized Carmichael’s goon and warned Marissa, who shot her way out.

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The girls’ hideout in the hills was discovered by Leo of The Meadows, and he tried to kill Clara, but was eventually shot accidentally by Carmichael. Then Marissa showed up, shot the CIA agents, helped Hanna, Clara and Kat escape, and struck a deal with Carmichael. She wouldn’t tell his bosses that he was the one letting the list of targets slip from the whistleblower if he took her and Hanna back so they could destroy the Pioneers from within. Kat flew home, Clara reunited with her real mother, and went into the sunset with a fake passport. Back at The Meadows, Terri discovered Clara’s plan to meet her mother, but hid it to let her escape.

All of this sets the stage for season three for Hanna and Marissa to try and stop the Pioneers from carrying out their world-changing murders with the help of UTRAX assassins, perhaps with help from Terri and Carmichael, perhaps with hindrance from Sandy. Could redemption be possible for Marissa and a normal life for Hanna?


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