Hacks Season 2 Coming to HBO Max – Release Date and Other Details


Hacks Season 2 Updates:  Hacks is an American comedy-drama series created by Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs, and Jen Statsky. The series is produced by Melanie J. Elin and Jen Statsky, Paul W. Downs is the executive producer of this show. 

The IMDb ratings of Hacks season 1 is 8.2/10. The first episode was aired on 13th May 2021. The concept of the series is to show the chemistry between young aspiring comedy writers and Acclaimed Stand-up comedians. The series was a huge hit and has won many awards including the Emmy Award, and Golden Globe Award.  

The cast of the Series 

The show stars Jean Smart as Deborah Vance who is a legendary stand-up comedian from Las Vegas. Hannah Einbinder as Ava Daniels who is not so lucky comedy writer and Carl Clemons-Hopkins as Marcus who is a chief operating officer in the lead role.  

The series also stars various Actors like Kaitlin Olson, Christopher McDonald, Paul W. Downs, Mark Indelicato, Poppy Liu, and many more in the supporting roles. 

Hacks Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 had a total of 10 episodes which were critically hit and the makers are back with Hacks Season 2 in the year 2022 and looks like it is way better than the first season.  

About Hacks Season 2

After the positive responses received from both critics and Audiences in June 2021, HBO Max made the announcement of coming up with a new season on Hacks. 

 As shown in the trailer we can see Deborah and Ava have returned and it starts where exactly season 1 ends (in Vegas).  

Both Deborah and Ava travel across the country exploring their comic culture. We can see many new faces like Laurie Metcalf, Martha Kelly, and Ming-Na as well as the old star cast of season 1. 

Season 2 will start with both Deborah and Ava leaving Las Vegas and Deborah wanting another house and finally ending up in a Caravan.  

It is quite amusing to see Deborah who can afford all the luxury she needs has to stay in a caravan.  

Hacks Season 2 will premiere on 12th May 2022. And the fans cannot really wait see what is coming up in the new season.  



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