GV Prakash’s ‘Ayngaran’ Gets An OTT Release Date – Sony LIV

While many states have gradually loosened their grip on restrictions imposed on movie theaters, Tamil Nadu keeps an eye on the situation to prevent the further spread of the Covid-19 virus within the state. As such, Tamil Nadu movie theaters remain shut, causing a situation where there has been no Tamil movie release in months.

GV Prakash's 'Ayngaran' Gets An OTT Release Date - Sony LIV

Stuck in a similar limbo, an upcoming social drama movie, ‘Ayngaran,’ has been suffering for months from a similar dilemma on whether to wait for conditions to improve and attempt a theatrical release or feature an OTT platform debut. Luckily, here’s everything we know about the ‘Ayngaran’ OTT release.

‘Ayngaran’ Movie Cast:

Director and writer Ravi Arasu who was well renowned for his debut hit movie, ‘Eeti,’ is directing the new film. Fans are eager to know what awaits them in his new movie ‘Ayngaran.’ Starring GV Prakash Kumar partnered with Mahima Nambiar; the movie also has famed actors such as Kalli Venkat, Aruldoss, Aadukalam Naren, and much more.

What is the story about? – ‘Ayngaran’

GV Prakash's 'Ayngaran' Gets An OTT Release Date - Sony LIV

As seen in Ravi Arasu’s previous film, ‘Ayngaran’ will also be about issues that generally lingers within our society but remains unaddressed. GV Prakash Kumar takes on the role of a socially conscious engineer who takes the fight to the streets to ensure justice for the innocent and judgment for the guilty.

‘Ayngaran’ OTT Release News:

Though the Covid-19 pandemic has caused theaters to remain shut, Tamil movies like ‘Sarpatta Parambarai’ and ‘Karnan’ took a bold step of releasing on OTT platforms online. In fact, these movies were a huge success to OTT platforms and were even considered a bargain despite the hefty streaming rights fees paid to the production houses.

GV Prakash's 'Ayngaran' Gets An OTT Release Date - Sony LIV

After a long gap between his last movie, the singer-turned-actor GV Prakash is making a comeback in his latest drama film, ‘Ayngaran,’ which is in talks to release on Sony Liv on August 13, 2021.