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Gurlaine Kaur Garcha, EastEnders, reveals that she auditioned to play a major Corrie role

Gurlaine Kaur Garcha, EastEnders’ star, has revealed what role she almost played on Coronation Street.

The 28-year old actress plays Ash Kaur on BBC One. But, in a recent interview she confirmed that she had previously auditioned to the role Rana Habeeb on rival ITV.

Gurlaine confirmed that she had been auditioned and told OK!: “I ended up getting to the last two for a role in Corrie and I didn’t get it.

“Rana was the role. I auditioned and was selected for the role of Rana.”

Rana, who made her Weatherfield debut in February 2016, was ultimately portrayed by actress Bhavna Limbachia.

EastEnders star Gurlaine Kaur Garcha has revealed she previously auditioned for Coronation Street
Gurlaine Kaur Garcha, EastEnders’ star, has admitted that she auditioned previously for Coronation Street

The character was involved with a major storyline during her time as a host, including her famous affair with Kate Connor (Faye Brookes).

She was killed in the Underworld roof collapse in March 2019. Gary Windass (Mikey Nord) was later revealed as the perpetrator.

Gurlaine is happy to have positive memories of the brief Corrie experience.

The Ash Kaur actress confirmed she auditioned for the role of Rana Habeeb on the ITV soap
Ash Kaur actress Ash Kaur confirmed that she auditioned for Rana Habeeb’s role on ITV soap

She also spoke out about the soap. “It was amazing and they all seemed really lovely and close-knit there. It’s a great soap.”

The actress has also appeared in Holby City as well as Doctors. She even credits the experience for helping her land her EastEnders job.

Gurlaine was a researcher on The Graham Norton Show when she auditioned for Corrie, but was inspired after her failure to land the role to act.

Gurlaine credits the experience with her later landing her dream EastEnders role
Gurlaine attributes the success to her landing her dream EastEnders job.

She said: “When I didn’t get it, I thought, ‘Forget this! I need to just focus on acting.'”

“I ended up being an actor which was always my dream and it was always my dream to be on EastEnders as well so I got to tick that box.”

EastEnders is on BBC One and Coronation Street on ITV.

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Gurlaine Kaur Garcha, EastEnders, reveals that she auditioned to play a major Corrie role
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