Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Where is Maggie?


Maggie, Grey's AnatomyWhere is Maggie on Grey’s Anatomy season 18? We get why you’d be worried about Kelly McCreary’s future after watching tonight.

Ultimately, the show has done a careful job of writing out Maggie’s exit the past two weeks; they have given a reason for her absence but even still, it leads to questions! Luckily, the good news is that there’s no indication McCreary is leaving the show for good. This is just a part of the flow for this season, and given that the actress is currently expecting, you’ll probably see some other patches moving forward that also do not include her. It’s something to think about as we do push through some of the weeks and months ahead.

One of the things we’re most curious to see now is whether or not the writers are going to favor Maggie’s pregnancy into the story; there is nothing altogether confirmed on that subject as of yet. Given that she and Winston were just married, we certainly think that there’s some fun stuff that the writers could do with such a story where most of their lives are changing overnight! Maggie would at least have some people who could chip in, whether it be Meredith or Amelia. We’ve come to learn that there’s a whole village of doctors in the Grey Sloan area who would be happy to help — so many of these characters are parents at this point!

Beyond all of that, we just want to see Maggie have some more advancements in her career and see her and Winston’s love story keep blossoming. After all that she’s gone through, there was something so wonderful that came from her being happy through the end of last season moving into this one.

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What do you want to see from Maggie moving forward on Grey’s Anatomy?

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