Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 To Feature A Special Christmas Episode?


we know that Grey’s Anatomy season 18 will air a holiday episode a little later this week; will there be a Christmas later?

According to ABC, the answer to that is “yes.” A holiday-themed episode of the Ellen Pompeo series is set to air on Thursday, December 16, and its title appears to be “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.” We think this is part of the show’s concentrated effort this year to tell more uplifting, light-hearted stories; yes, we say this very well knowing that the most recent crossover with Station 19 was a bit of a downer; that was a specific situation because an actor was interested in leaving the show.

Overall, the whole of last season was depressing with the focus on the pandemic; with that in mind, we’re hoping for something completely different that’s upbeat, pleasant, and worth at least a few smiles. If we can get something like this to close out the first part of this season, we’ll be happy.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18

While we haven’t technically heard that the December 16 episode will be the winter finale, let’s go ahead and be honest about it for a while; how is it possible? not be the winter final? It’s hard to imagine a world where this doesn’t close out the first part of the season. After this episode, ABC has a few options: they can come back in January for a few episodes before leaving for most of January, or they can choose to take a longer break after this episode until March. With the Winter Olympics taking up much of the schedule in February, we find it hard to think the network will want to broadcast the opposite. Why deal with the hassle and dropping of the reviews?

What would you most like to see when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy season 18?

Be sure to share it now in the attached comments! After you’ve done that, stay tuned – more updates are coming and we don’t want you to miss them.


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