Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Latest Updates, Plot Summary With Potential Spoilers


There’s another new character now entering the world of Grey’s Anatomy season 18, and his name is Jordan Wright.

So, who is he? This character will be a part of the storyline in Minnesota, and he just so happens to also be tied to Scott Speedman’s character of Nick Marsh. According to a report from Deadline, actor Greg Tarzan Davis will recur starting in the December 9 episode as Wright, who is described in the following terms:

Grey's Anatomy Season 18

He’s a charming, confident young doctor who is always ready for a challenge, which makes him Dr. Marsh’s favorite resident. Jordan crosses paths with Meredith on a case she’s brought in on.

We know that Meredith is in Minnesota primarily to work on the Parkinson’s Disease project; whatever she’s brought in on here could be something separate. It also could serve as a chance to learn more about how Marsh operates within his profession; even though we’re aware that he is a doctor, we actually haven’t seen him be a doctor on the show all that much. We’re excited to see what he brings to the table here.

Also, we should go ahead and note that we’re equally excited to see more of Grey’s Anatomy in December. We know that there’s a big crossover event with Station 19 this week and a Thanksgiving installment after that, but the ABC drama hadn’t really mapped out what any of their long-term plans were going to be on the other side of that. It’s nice to already have a little bit of information on that subject!

We imagine that bringing the Jordan character on board here is yet another way that the show continues to refresh itself; you’ve got all of the established big names on Grey’s Anatomy right now, but also others who are there to show the next generation of doctors.

What do you want to see from Jordan Wright moving into Grey’s Anatomy season 18?

Check out all of your thoughts and hopes for this story in the comments! After doing that, stick around — there are other updates on the way and we don’t want you to miss any of them.


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