Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: How Does Nick Help?

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 6 Photo: How Does Nick Help?Tomorrow night marks the Thanksgiving episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 18, and of course there are many questions that come with it.

Take for example how Scott Speedman’s character of Nick Marsh is going to play a big part in what’s going on with Meredith. On paper, her story comes straight out of a holiday movie: She planned to go back to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with her kids, but her flight is canceled at the last minute. What happens from here?

According to the official synopsis for this episode, “Nick steps in to help in more ways than one.” What the hell does that mean? There are a few different possibilities, but judging by the photo above, we tend to think that the character is in a car helping Meredith get back. If he offered to take Ellen Pompeo’s character across the country, isn’t that a HUGE gesture? We tend to think that, and it’s something that could cement more of a relationship in the long run.

Considering that Speedman IS a regular series in season 18, we feel pretty confident saying that Nick will, more than likely, be in Meredith’s life for at least a short while. As for whether or not they are endgame, there are some obvious complications. We don’t feel like Meredith wants to take root anywhere but Seattle, and Nick’s job does require some travel. Would she be okay to adjust to that life? Meanwhile, we really haven’t seen Nick very often with her friends and family. While it could change a bit more over time, so far he’s largely attached to what’s going on in Minnesota.

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