Government of Tamil Nadu decided to return back Tamilians living abroad, register at –

The state government of Tamil Nadu has decided to return back Tamilians to those who have traped abroad. Due to coronavirus pandemic, most of the countries are shut down and currently, there is no news to start the public air services. There are many non-resident Tamil workers and students are trapped in abroad and facing vary hard situation, So the government of Tamil Nadu has launched a new website,

People sticking in different countries can register on the website with their details and the government of India with the state government of Tamil Nadu is planning to take them back.

Government of Tamil Nadu decided to return back Tamilians living abroad, register at -

Who can register at

People who stay abroad belong to the state of Tamil Nadu, which means the non-resident Tamilians. Who wish to return back to Tamil Nadu can register on that government portal. There are some criteria for the selection of non-resident Tamilians who will be returned back to India. The registering people must assure that to be eligible to return in India. Below we have listed down how you can register to

After the steps of the central government to send people to their home state running 400 special trains daily. The government of Tamil Nadu has taken this step to return back non-resident Tamilians to back to their state. This has been possible after the huge request of the people of Tamil Nadu.

How can you register on the portal?

The registration is only for non-resident Tamilians suffering due to lockdown in different countries and wishes to be quarantine themselves in Tamil Nadu. 

Follow the below procedure to register at the portal.

  • Click here and go to the government portal.
  • Click on the register here option and click on proceed.
  • Fill up all the information with the correct detail.
  • You can also add your family members who will return with you.
  • Put all the detail of the member.
  • Passport, visa etc are necessary to have and put the name and other detail as per passport detail.
  • You have also to maintain If On return to your house in Tamil Nadu after proper testing of COVID-19, do you have a separate room with toilet facilities for self-quarantine?
  • Also, You need to select If you are to be quarantined in the interest of your health and of your family members, what would be your choice?
  • your data shall be shared with concerned Government departments.
  • At last click on the captcha and register button.


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