Google Nest Hub : Review After A Week


You can also recommend places to eat, seldom shows the options and we can select any of them to get more information, but sometimes it has happened to me that when I asked for somewhere to go, the assistant told me ” Here you have some options “but then I did not give them, so I had no recommendations.

Another feature of this assistant is that the screen shows us what you have heard, which is very good in case you do not understand some word or do not pronounce something well, we can understand in which we have made a mistake.
And, of course, we can play YouTube videos if we ask or cast what we want since it incorporates a Chromecast. The Nest Hub is a small screen but if we have it in a place where we do not have a TV, such as a kitchen or a bedroom, we can use it as an auxiliary screen too, for example, watch videos or series while we eat or are in bed.

Google Nest Hub : Review After A Week

One of the things I liked most about this thing and the simplest and dumbest of all is that it shows you photos of the albums of our Google Photos that we choose. A great opportunity to see our photos once in a while, without having to take out an album or look at them on your mobile. The Google Nest Hub has a presence sensor at the top that detects when there is movement and when it occurs shows the photos if you do not turn off the screen.

As we have said, it is a touch screen with which we can interact a few times. You can go to the carousel in the photo or see the information about the places that you suggest. If we have more smart devices connected to Google Home, we can also control it from the Nest Hub and select what we want to activate or turn off.

If from the Google Home application we connect our Spotify or YouTube accounts we can also ask you to directly replicate whatever we want. From Google Home, we can configure routines like saying “good day” tell us the news or review our agenda.

The device allows disabling the microphone when we do not want to hear us. Recently the news came up that Google heard you, so it may help.

First of all, although it is a Google device this does not incorporate Android, only the assistant, so, as you have seen, its capabilities are somewhat limited for now.

Before knowing that virtual assistants we want to buy for our home, we must know if we have a home connected, that is, do we have other devices that this assistant can control? These can be smart bulbs, thermostats, doorbells … Especially for surveillance devices, this assistant is very helpful. If we have all this and we want an assistant to do a little more, the Google Nest Hub is a solid choice for both quality and price.

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