Google finally releases the final Android Q Beta

The search giant says that it will release the forthcoming and official version of Android Q in a few weeks. Moreover, in the meantime, Google out of nowhere releases the final beta version of Android Q; people can download and use on Pixel or partner devices. Additionally, tons of new features will accompany the latest version of Android Q.

According to a recent development, Google gave an update as to how the back gesture button in the forthcoming Android version will work. Google also said that it would launch its final Application Programming Interface 29 SDK. In addition to this, Google also said that it would build tools for the never-seen-before “Android Studio.”

What will Google bring with Android Q?

android q beta

Google made an official statement to The Verge and said that it is going to make the present-day Gesture Navigation better and refine it. According to Google, there is an exclusion vertical app limit of around 200dp to make changes to the back button gesture control.

During the Google 2019 conference, namely I/O, the search giant said that the Android Q would sport new features such as gestural navigation, and dark mode. During the conference, Google also said that it intends to polish the OS entirely before Android Q’s big debut.

Google is giving the users what they want

Even in the sixth beta version of Android Q doesn’t feature robust gesture navigation. On the other hand, if users set a higher window, then a pop-up appears which suggests that the most upper range of sensitivity might conflict with some apps. The developers in Google are still trying to perfect the back button navigation control, which would work efficiently with all the apps. Google is hopeful to resolve this issue before the release of Android Q.

How to download and use Android Q Beta?

  • Beta version of Android Q works on Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL.
  • Users have to manually download Android Q and flash the Beta version on the Pixel device.
  • By setting up Android Emulator, users can also run Android Q Beta on other Android Devices.

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