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Gogglebox viewers distracted as they spot Ellie and Izzi’s dramatic living room makeover

Channel 4’s Gogglebox kicked off for a brand new series on Friday night, but as viewers got settled into the usual format of the show, eagle-eyed fans became distracted by a few changes.

One of the obvious alterations that spectators certainly noticed was reality star’s Izzie and Ellie Warner’s change of living room décor.

Fans were taken aback by the room featuring bright orange tones and loud wallpaper in deep midnight blue.

Noticing the décor had undergone a refurbishment, fans couldn’t wait to share their views on social media.

Ellie and Izzi's living room had completely changed
Ellie and Izzi’s living room had completely changed

While others wondered if the pair had moved to a completely different house.

Taking to Twitter one fan asked: “Did Ellie or Izzie move? The room looks different.”

Another seemed to share this sentiment too and said: “Looks like Ellie and Izzy have moved house again!”

Fans wondered if the pair had moved home
Fans wondered if the pair had moved home

A third questioned: “Love the new wallpaper! Where did you get it from?”

“Ellie & Izzi’s living room is unreal. Love that!” a fourth exclaimed.

Ellie, 29, along with her younger sister Izzi (26), have been fan favourites since joining in 2015.

Ellie was first approached by an old friend to cast for Channel 4’s show.

Sisters Ellie and Izzi have been on Gogglebox since 2015 and have since become a firm fan favourite
Fan-favourites Ellie and Izzi Warner came in at a close second

Although they originally said no to auditioning, the pair later went ahead with it and successfully bagged the gig.

At the time Ellie said: “We thought ‘Who’d want to watch us?’ and then we got picked and couldn’t believe it!”

Away from the programme, last year before the national lockdown, Izzi gave birth to her second child in February 2020.

Revealing the awesome news to her fans the mother-of two wrote on Instagram: “So pleased to announce the safe arrival of our darling baby girl Bessie Rose. Born on 3rd February 2020 1:44pm, weighing 7lb 3oz.

“We are all totally smitten by her, feeling so blessed and happy. Thank you to everyone for your kind words.

Gogglebox airs on Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4

Gogglebox viewers distracted as they spot Ellie and Izzi's dramatic living room makeover
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