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Gogglebox sparks fans outrage as Channel 4 show airs ‘awkward’ Sex Actually scenes

Gogglebox viewers were left furious on Friday night, after the fan-favourite show featured an X-rated programme in the highlights.

The participants were left blushing onscreen at “perverts” taking part in the documentary presented by former Radio 1 star Alice Levine.

The Gogglebox families were shocked when Alice was just feet from a couple having a little fun on the webcam.

The show’s reception at home was just as dismal.

One tweeted Channel 4 angrily to say: “Very disappointed with the fact you put Sex Actually on Gogglebox. I know its past the watershed but that doesn’t mean its appropriate viewing for my 12 year old daughter”

Alice Levine
Fans were furious that the documentary was included

“Sat watching Sex Actually on Gogglebox with my mum is not my idea of a good night” fumed another.

One fan ranted: “Is there a need for Gogglebox to show people having cam sex while I’m watching with my parents, IS THERE A NEED”

“Never felt so awkward sitting next to my son watching Gogglebox” exclaimed another.

“There my mum and dad are, down for a wee wine, and obviously a mad sex programme comes on, sitting here like…” The shocked expression on his face was contagious.

One viewer exclaimed: “Why is there always a weird sex programme on Gogglebox when I watch with the kids?!”

Another fan joked: “This is why i don’t watch gogglebox with my parents because you know theyll pick out something awful like “Full frontal sexy sextime” or “explore the perineum with Edwina Currie”

Sex Actually started this week on Channel 4 and featured Alice Levine interviewing couples about their bedroom antics and how they monetise it.

Poor Alice sat close to a couple as they gave it their all for one webcam viewer.

Mary, a Gogglebox fan, was not happy about the explicit content.

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Gogglebox sparks fans outrage as Channel 4 show airs 'awkward' Sex Actually scenes
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